What to Expect

Whether you have signed up for a Track Night, or you are just considering, it's never a bad idea to get the skinny on who needs to be where and when. There are exceptions to what is below, but in general, here is what you can expect from your track night and what Track Night will expect from you.

Each event will have its schedule included on its event page (the same page you'll go to register). You can also learn about any track-specific rules on the track page for that racetrack. 


Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of what you can expect when you get to the track and check-in. 

  1. Sign the Waiver - You'll need to sign our printed waiver, or if you have a current SCCA Annual Waiver, have your membership card (electronic or printed) handy to show the designation. Check out the Annual Waiver instructions here.
  2. Show your Drivers License - We just need to do a visual check of this as we check you into the system. 
  3. Pick up your Packet and Wristband - Inside the packet you'll find helpful info about the event and our partners as well as a copy of our tech sheet if you haven't already printed one out and completed it. Don't leave without getting your Group Wristband! They'll be looking for these in grid, so make sure that it ends up on your left wrist.
  4. Helmet Check - If your helmet doesn't already have a current Track Night helmet sticker, we'll need to visually check its safety certification rating, so bring it with you to check-in. Here is a list of all of our approved helmet certifications. The certification sticker may be tricky to find under the padding inside your helmet, so it's a good idea to find it before you get to the event so it's easy to show it to us. Pro-Tip: In many helmets, the sticker can be found under the flap of padding that usually sits above and behind your right ear. If you already have a current helmet sticker, just let us see it and you'll be good to go!
  5. Tech - We will be collecting tech sheets on-site, and your check-in process will be much faster if you have already printed your tech sheet, which you can find here, and filled it out before the event. Make sure that you've completed the form and signed it before you hand it in. You'll receive a tech sticker to be placed on the upper right-hand corner of your windshield.
  6. All Done - Once you've got your wristband, helmet sticker, and tech sticker, you should be all set! 

What to Expect Next

Track Tour Lap

If you signed up for Track Tour Laps they will take place at roughly in the middle of the event. Check the event schedule on the event page. Plan to be there at least 15-20 minutes prior to sign the appropriate waivers. You are also welcome to arrive early or stick around after to check out cars, talk to people, and get a feel for Track Night. Note: Minors 12 or older (and who have signed the appropriate waiver) and properly fit in restraint systems (if they need a booster, they need a booster) may also ride along during Track Tour Laps provided they have the proper minor waiver signed.

Hawk Performance Novice Experience

If this is your first track event, or if you want a little extra guidance, fear not, we have you taken care of. The Hawk Performance Novice Experience begins when the gates open. You will be directed to the Novice Paddock where you will be greeted by the Novice Coach. Try to arrive as early as you can to allow plenty of time to unload and inspect your car before the first Novice briefing. After a quick run-through of dos and don’ts, it's on to the session of novice paced laps. From there, your Novice Coach will facilitate the experience and make sure you have everything you need to have a safe and fun evening at the track. Expect 3 un-paced sessions, a few debriefs, and some new friends by night’s end. Be sure to check out What to Bring as well as the How to Prepare article. These will go a long way toward ensuring your novice experience is positive.

Advanced & Intermediate

For those who signed up in the Advanced and Intermediate Groups, everything has been streamlined for your Track Night experience. Before coming to the track, you can (and should) do your Online Driver’s Meeting. You can also download your Tech Sheet, though we will provide you with one at the event (just in case your printer is out of ink, your dog was hungry, or your kid decided to color yours).  There is a short driver's meeting so we can have a quick run-through of passing rules, flags, and the rules of the road- 5 minutes, tops. Then it's time to get ready to go out for your hot sessions. Please plan to be on grid 10 minutes before the start of each of your sessions.


If you signed up for Driver/Worker, you can expect to spend a couple of hours flagging, helping in grid, or manning the gate, AND 20 minutes on track. The MANDATORY Worker Meeting is listed on the event schedule, please plan to be there in time to attend. Typically Driver/Worker drivers run in either one of the first or last sessions. Please dress and pack to be standing and in the sun for some portion of the evening, bringing water and sunscreen is highly encouraged.


Don’t want to run, but still willing to help out? Man, do we love you! Same expectations as Driver/Worker, without the pesky running part. Please be at the track in time for the worker meeting listed on the event schedule unless specifically contacted and asked otherwise. We can almost always use help with check-in, paddock management, or on grid, and at some of our events, you may be able to help flag. Reach out to Jack@TrackNightinAmerica.com if you want to learn more about specific volunteer opportunities at each event. 

But, what if I'm going to be LATE?!

We understand that life does happen and we will do our best to work with you. If you have the opportunity to let us know in advance, email Jack Track (jack@tracknightinamerica.com). When you arrive on site, please find a Track Night staff member, and let them work you into the event. A profuse apology is not required.

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