Track Night in America Run Groups

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie or a true track master, Track Night has a way for you to play. Not sure which one is right for you?  Ask, Jack. He'll tell you the facts.

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Never been to the track? Want to check it out? May we recommend a few paced Track Tour Laps? Almost every Track Night will have a paced lap session called Track Tour Laps open to anyone and everyone who has signed the waiver. Drivers must be at least 18 years or older. Minors 12 or older (who have a properly executed minor waiver) and properly fit in restraint systems (if they need a booster, they need a booster) may also ride along during Track Tour Laps. Helmets are not required. But wait, there’s more! Come early, or stay late and check out the cars, sights, sounds, and people that make being at the track great. And remember, there is no charge to get into the track on a Track Night!

What's the Fact, Jack?

No, seriously, you can just come check the track out. Talk to people, learn about cars, and figure out if this is something you want to try. No tricks, no hidden fees, just stop by, take a look around, and if you like, sign the waiver and drive on track.

The Hawk Performance Novice Experience is perfect for those new to being on track, those who are at a particular track for the first time, or those who would just like to have some pointers and guidance during the evening. Paced laps, drivers meetings and targeted instruction will give you a great introduction while also giving you the room to enjoy your drive. Feel free to stay at this level for as many nights as you need, we won’t push you out until you’re ready.

What's the Fact, Jack?

Remember summer camp? Learning new things, making friends and having a fun while a responsible adult keeps an eye out and guides you along the way. This is that, except we actually have responsible adults, not just college kids who are learning archery at the same time as you. Repeat as often as needed.

The intermediate group is a bit more relaxed than the advanced group. The expectation is that these drivers know the basics, but have a focus on improving and learning. This is the perfect place for those who have a handful of performance driving experiences and those who just prefer to participate at a more relaxed pace.

What's the Fact, Jack?

Choosing the intermediate group is a good call. This is probably where most of you will be. Do your thing, have fun, enjoy yourself. If you’d like a little more help, start with novice before settling in to intermediate.

The Advanced Group has a higher pace and requires a higher level of awareness than Intermediate. If you know the track, your car, yourself, and you want to feel the limits of each, advanced group is your group.  At most tracks advanced group is allowed to pass anywhere on the track, with a point.

What's the Fact, Jack?

If you have to ask, intermediate is the place for you. Your secret is safe with us.

Taken from autocross, Driver/Worker lets SCCA members get one on track session at a very budget friendly rate while also offering support to the event. Event support can range from corner working, to grid, to check in and tech. It’s certainly helpful to have experience as a Road Racing worker or in Solo, but not required.

This option is in very limited quantities and only available to current, full SCCA members. Participants taking this option should be signed up at least a week in advance of the event. Sorry, no refunds will be given for no-shows on the Driver/Worker plan.

What's the Fact, Jack?

Are you an SCCA member with some experience working at either Road Race or Solo events? Awesome! Help us out and we will get you on track for a 20-minute session for less than 1/3 of the standard event price. Win-win.

Still not sure?  Ask Jack, “what’s the fact” at