What to Bring

First off...What to Wear

  • Helmet: You will need a helmet that meets our safety certification ratings. See approved helmet certifications here.
  • Long Sleeve Shirt/Pants: Some tracks may require long sleeves and long pants, and some may not – it’s best to have one of each along with you.
  • Closed-toe shoes: Full closed shoes will be required on track; no flip flops or sandals.

Carrie from Racechick.com breaks it down.

Other Essentials 

  • Completed Tech Sheet: This can help you speed up your check-in process. Most of our tracks use the same tech sheet, but some have track-specific rules that require unique tech sheets. Find the right one for your track Here. If you don't have a printer, that's ok. We'll have copies for you on-site. 
  • Rain Gear: Track Night events run in all weather, and you may find yourself in the elements. Bring items to make sure you stay dry.
  • Tub/Tarp: Because your car will need to be cleaned out while you’re on track and the chance for rain is always present, bringing a tub or tarp to protect your belongings is a good idea.
  • Torque Wrench/Lug socket: Plan to bring a torque wrench and socket that fits your wheel so that you can make sure your lugs are properly tight. Don’t forget your wheel lock key if you have one.
  • Basic Tools:  A simple socket set, screwdriver and pair of pliers can go a long way at the track.
  • Jack/Tire Change Tools: Though having to change a tire doesn’t happen often, it’s a good idea to have what you need on hand for the rare occasion you may need it for a tire change or to inspect brakes or suspension.
  • Tow Hook: Many modern cars will have a screw-in tow hook that goes into the bumper. In the event you need to have your car pulled out of a sand trap, you will want to make sure this is in the car.
  • Drinks/snacks: Driving can be very hard work especially in the summer heat. Make sure you stay hydrated and energized by having drinks and snacks on hand.
  • Towels/Wet-Wipes: Paper or otherwise, always a good to have something to wipe hands off, clean windshields or check the oil between runs.
  • Glass Cleaner: Windshields will often become dirty from hitting bugs or track dirt – bringing glass cleaner and rags to make sure it stays clean is a great help.
  • Oil and other fluids: Often when run at the higher end of performance, cars will consume more oil than they do during a daily commute. Bring a couple of spare quarts of your car’s oil in case the level drops down.  If you know or suspect that your car could go through other fluids, it's good to have them on hand as well.
  • Sunscreen: Sunburn can sneak up on you and further dehydrate you, bring sunscreen to avoid the pain and other risks. Hats are also a great idea.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge: Tires will change pressure more when on track than commuting because more friction builds up more heat. Bring a tire gauge to keep track of how the track affects your tires.  

What NOT to Bring

  • Pets: Some tracks may not allow pets at all, but especially if you do not have someone to watch your pet a racetrack can be a scary and even dangerous place for a pet left alone while you’re on track.
  • Kids that will be unsupervised: The track is an amazing place for families to spend time together and we encourage you to bring your kids, but only if you have someone to watch them while you are on track.
  • Drugs and Alcohol: Prescribed medications aside, many tracks do not allow alcohol on site.  We will always encourage social interaction and enjoyed beverages after the fact, but no need to bring it with you.
  • Non-Essential items in your car: Our cars tend to become miniature versions of our houses with many everyday items stashed throughout gloveboxes, spare tire wells and various storage compartments. Because you don’t want all of this in your car while on track, and removing and replacing it takes time, it’s best to prepare by leaving anything non-essential at home.
  • Drones: Most tracks have banned drones, and as much as we would love to see aerial footage of Track Night events, we would advise leaving anything that flies at home.