Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack Vehicle Eligibility Rules

Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack allows the following:

  • Road-legal production vehicles
  • Road-legal kit cars with license plates


  • Vehicles must be wider than they are tall
    • Width is the distance between the outer edges of the tire sidewalls measured across the vehicle.

  • Convertibles must meet certain requirements.
  • All vehicles must provide factory original (or better) seats that are securely mounted and seat belts with a minimum of 3 mounting points mounted in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations when applicable. (SFI or FIA rated are recommended).
  • Racecars, vehicles that have raced or have been constructed for racing are not allowed without a waiver


Exceptions and waivers:

  • Vehicles that would be road legal but are not because they are missing certain equipment, such as headlights, may be given permission to participate in Track Night provided the vehicle would otherwise meet requirements.
  • No vehicle will ever be excluded from Track Night due to installation of safety equipment alone.
  • Kit cars without a license plate that are an example of an equivalent vehicle that has been legally plated are allowed.
  • A vehicle that has been retired from racing and is now a street car or dedicated track car and would otherwise meet the requirements for Track Night may be granted a waiver.
  • A racecar that would otherwise meet the requirements for Track Night may be granted a waiver only if it is being used to introduce a new participant to track driving (example- “I want to get my son/daughter/spouse/crew guy on track”).  Drivers with racing licenses are strictly forbidden from operating racecars at Track Night for the purpose of testing/shaking down or other competition-related functions. 
  • Should a waiver vehicle have any mechanical issues during an event, that vehicle will not be allowed back on track.

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