Frequently Asked Questions

Track Night's Frequently Asked Questions, answered by Jack.

Guests are not only invited, they are encouraged! Bring your friends, your family, and your grandmother and show off what you do. They probably miss hanging out with you, anyway.

If your friends laugh at you, they’re not really your friends. Don’t worry about it, we can help you find better ones. There will be various speeds of drivers and cars on the track, that’s a reality. We’re not keeping time sheets, and there are no results. The most important thing to remember is that situational awareness, letting faster cars pass, and respecting your fellow participants will ensure a good time for everyone.

There are many chances for participants to get a $25 discount for event entry. Keep an eye in your e-mail, or visit our partner page to see what current coupon offers there are. 

Everyone gets an hour, divided into three 20 minute sessions. The Hawk Performance Novice Experience also gets a 20-minute paced lap session and there is another touring lap session that is open to everyone. So, if you just can’t get enough and do it all, you can be on track for an hour and 40 minutes (or you could just come back next month).

Nope. If you’re not already a member, no problem. (But we'd love to have you join us as an SCCA member!) 

  • Ready for the full #funwithcars experience? You'll have the option to purchase an annual National Membership during the registration process. Select this and you're good to go for 12 months, plus you'll have access to our Member Benefits - extra perks from our awesome partners - as well as savings at other National and Regional events across the country!

  • Not ready to become a full SCCA member this go round? You'll just add the Weekend Membership option to your cart during registration. Think of this like an event pass — it gives you the benefits of SCCA membership and insurance coverage while on site AND lets you try out our awesome program at minimal cost.

Want to know more about becoming an SCCA member? Click here or email with any questions!

Yes, but with a few caveats. Some tracks are more restrictive than others so check individual event pages, but generally, if your convertible is actually a Targa or T-Top, no problem.

If it is a true convertible it needs to meet one of the following criteria:

  • The convertible vehicle is a 2006-year model or newer, does not have forced induction, is less than 8 cylinders and has not been modified meaningfully beyond factory performance potential. (Examples: Engine swaps, aftermarket forced induction.)
  • The convertible vehicle is equipped with documented, factory-installed rollover protection (Examples of manufacturer documented rollover protection would include hydroformed and reinforced a-pillars or windshield frames, and factory-installed roll bars and/or "pop-up" bars that are designated as rollover protection.)
  • The convertible vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket roll bar that meets or exceeds standards set in the SCCA Time Trials Rules. 

Still not sure? CLICK HERE to see a flow chart to help guide you. 

Yes, but you cannot drive it on track. We would love to have lots of racecars at Track Nights for people to check out, talk about, and (with your permission) let their kids sit in. However, the track time at Track Night is for street cars only. If you have any questions about what constitutes a racecar and if your car is or isn't, please visit our Vehicle Eligibility Page.

It’s a valid concern, though not a common occurrence. All Track Night events will be staffed with EMTs, an ambulance and fire and emergency response vehicles. Should something go awry, you will have professionals there to help you through it.

First, do nothing. Figure out where you are, which way traffic is coming from and what your options are. Then catch your breath and pick a path to continue that does not interrupt traffic. The nearest corner station can aid you in determining an appropriate time to return to the track surface, so look for them. Once you are going again, proceed directly to pit lane for a brief visit with your driver coach. Whether or not you need to then go change your underwear is completely up to you.

Track driving is more wear and tear on your car than driving to work, no doubt about it. If you track your car on a regular basis, you can expect to replace items like brake pads, shocks and tires more often than normal. Good thing we have the Tire Rack to supply you with all those goodies! 

GET OUT THE WAY!!! If you are on track, coast to a safe location as far away from the racing surface as possible. Our towing service will then bring you and your car back to the paddock area. If it cannot be repaired, you will need to make your own arrangements to get your car home. The good news is you’ll be surrounded by a group of people with access to trailers. We suggest you take the opportunity to make a new friend.

Pro Tip: No matter where you end up if you have a problem, never get out of the car unless you're in immediate danger from something. (Like fire.)

While it is strongly recommended to get your car ready before showing up, sometimes things get over-looked. We will do our best to assist with the car so it can conform with the requirements of the event tech sheet. If it is beyond immediate repair, we can send you a coupon that can be used for a future registration. 

Other than during Touring Laps, passengers are not allowed at Track Night in America Events.

Yup, in designated passing zones and with a point by. Other than in advanced group, passing zones will always be on straightaways. Not all cars that are fast in turns are fast on straights. So, if you have someone in a slower car that is going faster than you, plan to lift and give them a point by at the next zone.

Point-bys let the driver behind you know that you are prepared for them to pass. A point-by should always be out the window, obvious and coincide with you making room on that side for a pass. Multiple cars need multiple points, so keep pointing until there is no one behind you.

If someone is holding you up, flash your lights at the beginning of a passing zone. If they don’t see you, the blue flagger will.

Blue flags mean there is someone behind you that you are, or have been holding up. If you see a blue flag, give a point by as soon as you can… even if you drive a Corvette.
Yellow flags mean there is a hazard ahead. The hazard can be a stopped car, a car that has spun off, or a part that is on the track. If the hazard is on the track, the flag will be waved, if it is off the track it will be stationary. When you see a yellow, lower you speed and be prepared to alter your line.
Black flags mean that you should pit this lap. There are two types of black flags, waving and stationary. A waving black means that EVERYONE should pit, either because the session has ended or because there has been an incident. A stationary black, however, is for just you and will be paired with a stern look and point from the flagger. This means that something has happened on course or with your car and our driving coach would like to talk to you about it. There are two great ways to avoid a black flag: 1) make sure your car is track ready and stays on course at all times, and 2) pit as soon as you realize that number 1 has changed. 

Stop, as soon as you can. However, it doesn’t mean, “slam on the brakes in traffic.” When you see red, pull to the side of the track, and come to a safe and controlled stop. It is good to put a hand up so that other drivers know you are stopping. Watch the corner workers for what to do next.

A Track Night in America t-shirt, of course! Beyond that, close-toed shoes and a helmet are required everywhere. Some tracks require long sleeved shirts and long pants – this will be clearly noted on the registration page. If that applies to you, take it seriously. Yes, even if it’s hot out.

You need good brakes. Some cars come from the factory with excellent brakes, most however could use some help. If you are just getting started, and your car is functioning properly, you can always go with what you have. However, it is a good idea to invest in a set of pads and rotors that are designed for track use if you plan to make a habit of it. If you have a need, we recommend shopping our friends at Hawk Performance.

You need good tires. Some cars come from the factory with excellent tires, most however could use some help. If you are just getting started, and your tires are in good condition, you can always go with what you have. However, most all-season tires are not designed to endure track driving, so a good set of performance street tires is a best for the track.  If you have a need, we recommend shopping our friends at

Special insurance is not required but certainly recommended. The fact is, your regular car insurance policy probably doesn’t cover your car at the track. To double-check, read the fine print of your policy and look for “exclusions” phrases like, “on a surface used for racing,” “at a performance driving event,” or “at a racetrack facility.” But, because Track Night in America events are structured for safety, our participants can purchase affordable Hagerty Insurance coverage for their vehicles during the event.

Click here for more information on Hagerty Insurance at Track Night. 

If you have a family car, bring the family car. If you have a sportscar, bring the sportscar. If you have both, bring the one you are most comfortable driving.  Anything that does not pose a rollover risk and is track worthy is welcome. Please visit our Vehicle Eligibility Page to see more guidelines and philosophies concerning what is and isn't allowed at Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack.

No, we do not offer loaner helmets for this program. 

Some tracks do have loaners or rental helmets - please contact the tracks directly to see if these are available if you think you might need one. 

The exact answer to this question is almost impossible to answer, but the easy answer is, as fast as you are comfortable, right up until it’s time to brake for the next corner. Be aware however, if you know that you or your car are not as fast as others on track, keep an eye on your mirrors and be ready to point someone by. 

Not at all. If you’ve always wanted to drive on a racetrack and didn’t know how, where, or when, Track Night is absolutely for you! If you haven't been on track, or have limited time on track, choose the Hawk Performance Novice Experience to get your start and some know-how. Check out “ways to play” to learn more.

Not in the car with you. However, especially in the Hawk Performance Novice Experience group, you will have driving instructors coaching you and helping you along the way. They will be glad to give you input on what they see, and where you can improve. They will not, however, be in the car with you. 

As many as you want. We won’t push you out of the nest until you’re ready.

Best way to start! There’s no charge for admission. And you can participate in the touring laps for free, too. If you want to get involved, but not participate in driving on track, there are other volunteer positions that help support this and any other SCCA events - from flagging to welcoming those arriving on-site. 

Yes, but there are two things you should know. First, there are limited spots available, so waiting until the last minute could be problematic. Don’t do that. But, if you just realized you could make it tonight after all, please come by. Second, you can only sign up online. We’ll walk you through the process on your phone, or our computer, so bring your credit or debit card. 

Yes. Two drivers can participate in the same car in different run groups or they can split the time within the same group. Each driver must be an entrant, however, so splitting time in the same run group will cost you track time.

Another good option is to both do the Driver/Worker entry which allows each of you one session while working for two hours to support the event.

Driver/Worker is a great way for SCCA members to get some track time while also providing support for the event. Give us two hours of your time and get a 20-minute on track session for less than 1/3 the cost of the standard event price. 

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42.
Rain will happen. If the event cannot be executed safely, we will cancel or postpone it. However, it takes more than a summer shower to stop our events.  Driving in the rain is an art in of itself and extra care must be taken in navigating the track. Discretion, being the better part of valor is particularly true in the damp.

We will send you information via email prior to the event with maps and instructions, including the appropriate gate to enter at the facility. Signs will then direct you to check-in where you will receive further instructions.

If you know of an organization or car club that would like to have a meeting or get together during Track Night (what a great idea!), email:

There is an event schedule on each track page. Click on the tracks page to find schedules, start times and everything going on at a track night near you.

Here at Track Night, we understand things happen, plans change, cars may need unexpected maintenance, and other issues do occur, creating the need to cancel occasionally.

As such, we've developed the following cancellation policy: 

If you cancel your entry up to ten (10) days before the event date, we'll fully refund your payment.

A cancellation within 10 days of the event date and up to 12:00pm Central the day before the event will net you a coupon for the full amount of your event payment. This coupon can then be used towards a future Track Night in America event registration.

No refunds will be processed for cancellations submitted after the posted cancellation cutoff date on the registration page.

If there are extenuating circumstances you think we should know about while helping you resolve this issue, please email 

How to Request a Cancellation


  1. Log into your SCCA Member Account Portal
  2. Find the event on the "My Events" page under "My Account"
  3. Hit the "Cancel" button on the far right.

What's the Fact, Jack?

The last thing we want to do is take someone’s money who wasn’t able to participate. Yet, the fact remains, we have obligations to facilities, staff and safety crews. This policy gives us the best chance for a fair outcome for everyone. 

If a Track Night is cancelled prior to the start of the event for any reason, all entry fees will be fully refunded.

Your car does not need numbers, but we won’t make you take them off. Because this isn’t a competition program, we’re not keeping your time, so the number isn’t necessary.
Not from us at the track, but we heard a rumor that you can find some at most major airports!  

Yes, we do! And what an awesome gift they are:  

The checkered flag is that one with all the black and white squares on it, but you probably knew that. If you and your car are in the same condition they were in when you started the session, it means you won. Celebrate by driving back around to the pits at a reduced speed to let your tires, brakes and engine cool and don't forget to give a victory wave to the corner workers.

Minor participation in Track Night events requires pre-approval.  For approval to be given, the following must be met:

  • The minor must be a licensed driver and provide a complete SCCA minor waiver.

  • The minor must display some level of sanctioned performance driving experience.  Acceptable options include autocross, karting, or track events.

  • A parent or legal guardian must be on site for the event.

  • The vehicle and track must be deemed appropriate for a beginning driver.

Provided these criteria are met, approval may be given. Email for approval prior to registering. 

Don’t see your question? Ask Jack, “what’s the facts” at