Track Night in America operates under the SCCA Track Events Rules.

Below are links to the rules, forms and documents.

Track Night Drivers' Meeting:

  Drivers' Meeting

SCCA Track Day/Track Events Information:

  SCCA Track Events

Track Event Organizers Information:

  Organizer Information

Safety Rules:

Information about Roll Bar standards and higher levels of car preparation can be found by looking at the SCCA Time Trials Safety Rules here:

  Time Trials/Hillclimb Rules

Minor Waiver:

If you plan to bring a minor to Track Night, you will need to print and fill out a minor waiver. If you would like to take a 12-17 year old out for Track Tour Laps, the Minor Waiver must be signed by both parents and notarized, OR both parents must be at the event to sign.

Insurance Form (Waiver) Downloads

Track Night Tech Sheets:

Everyone at Track Night will need to fill out and sign a tech sheet. If you would like, you can do this at the event with the assistance of one of our tech workers.