When Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack was born, the vision was simple: an hour of track time for enthusiasts in street cars. At least it was simple until someone asked, “What’s a street car?” The obvious answer: a car driven on the street. However, that begs the additional questions...

  • "What about an identical car that is not driven on the street, shouldn’t that be allowed, too?"
  • "What if I'm new to track days and happen to have a purpose built track car?"
  • "What if I have a race car and I want to get a family member or crew member on track?"

If you have any question as to if your car is eligible for Track Night, please fill out the form below. For a full breakdown of our vehicle eligibility policy, click here.

If you have questions on what the "49-state legal" requirement is (a requirement primarily focused on "CARB" legality in California), you can click here to read more.