• jiop t.

    Planning a trip

    Hi everyone! I am planning a trip to Las Vegas in two weeks and I am not sure where I should stay. What would you recommend? I don't know very much about the city, so anything you could share would be great! 

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    • Ciara  P.

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    • Rob B.

      I'd say read some stuff online, but avoid huge hotels(prices are usually way over the top there, reminds me of Dallas a bit, centre of the city is insanely expensive and you can find better deal somewhere else. I remember we've stayed at a small inn in North Richland Hills, was really affordable)

    • Ollie H.

      Hello, I would recommend you simply purchase a guide where you find some interesting places to visit and where to stay. Since my college times, I was there I stayed at my friend, not in a hotel, that's why it was more comfortable. Frankly speaking, it was rather hard to find the spare time to go there, luckily I get to know one company that helped me to save my time and I got a chance to visit that city

    • Pauline V.


    • anthony d.

      I was in Las Vegas once. It was not my favorite place, to be honest. The casinos were too big for my taste and I don't like gambling, so there wasn't much for me to do. I know some people like that kind of stuff, but it's not really my thing. Plus, there are just so many hotels! I felt like I was always walking somewhere or going from one place to another, and then back again, just to get anywhere.

    • Manuel  B.

      I've been there three times and every train is like the first time. I will definitely go back to Vegas again.