• Kevin T.

    Any other forums other than First Timers?

    Is anyone aware of any other good forums with the SCCA.  Or perhaps any other outside forum related to Track Night?



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    • Barbara L.

      Thanks for the info, I appreicate it.s

    • Ikkosa L.

      SCCA Website: The SCCA's official website might have a forum section or links to official discussions where members can interact and discuss various topics related to the organization and its events.

      Social Media Groups: Check popular social media platforms like Facebook, Reddit, or LinkedIn for groups dedicated to SCCA or Track Night. These groups often serve as forums where people discuss related topics, share experiences, and ask questions.

      Specialty Forums: Look for specialized automotive or racing forums that have sections or discussions dedicated to SCCA or Track Night. Websites like MotorsportReg or TrackHQ might have relevant sections for discussions.

      Local SCCA Chapters: Some SCCA regions or local chapters might have their forums or discussion boards on their websites. Check your local SCCA chapter's website for more information.

      Track Day Event Websites: Some websites that organize track day events might have forums where participants can discuss their experiences and connect with others.

    • Ollie H.

      Hello, yes, I am new here