Date: June 15, 2021, 01:00 PM - 09:00 PM EDT
Address: 3662 Kershaw Hwy, Kershaw, SC, 29067

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It is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether to participate in this event. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing any symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please contact Jack Track regarding your entry and stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please contact Jack Track regarding your entry and stay home.


As CDC guidelines continue to evolve, please keep an eye on the SCCA COVID-19 Event Protocol Update page for the most up-to-date information. Please continue to bring a face covering (mask, bandana, balaclava, etc.) to all events as we will continue to “look local” to make sure we meet all local COVID-19 protocol requirements.


Carolina Motorsports Park is a purpose-built 14-turn road racing facility located in Kershaw, S.C., about an hour south of Charlotte, NC and 45 minutes outside of Columbia, SC.

Developed by a group of enthusiasts and racers, the 2.3-Mile Carolina Motorsports Park was designed by Alan Wilson on the site of a World War II fighter-training base and opened in July 1999.



Advanced, Intermediate and Novice groups: $165
Join SCCA and Save! National Members Pay
: $155
Track Tour Laps and Spectating: FREE!



    • Speed limit in the paddock is 10 mph at all times.
    • The lake is off limits to all activities.
    • Decibel limit is 100db measured fifty feet from the track.
    • No parking on the paddock roads. Paddock access roads are an emergency fire lane.
    • The Trackside Grill will be open for this event! Drinks, bagged ice, snacks, fries and pizzas made on site. Stop by and grab a bite to eat with a friend!


EVENT SCHEDULE   **This event may begin one hour earlier than scheduled depending on car count.**

1:00PM - Gates Open

3:30PM - Worker Meeting (includes Run/Work participants)



4:20PM - Advanced Group: Session 1

   4:25PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 1

4:40PM - Intermediate Group: Session 1

5:00PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 1

5:20PM - Advanced Group: Session 2

   5:25PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 2

5:40PM - Intermediate Group: Session 2

6:00PM - Track Tour Laps (Open to All)

6:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 2

6:40PM - Advanced Group: Session 3

   6:45PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 3

7:00PM - Intermediate Group: Session 3

7:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 3

7:40PM - Track Close

9:00PM - Gates Close

* Times are an approximation (Weather and on-track issues can play havoc with a schedule, and sometimes officials might have to improvise to make sure everyone gets the most out of the event.)


Click Here for more information about Track Night events at Carolina Motorsports Park.



Tradd Slayton, one of our awesome Track Night photographers will be photographing the event and is now taking pre-orders for photo packages. Not only will he be able to make sure he takes a ton of great shots of you on track, but you'll also save $10 when you pay in advance. 

Packages include at least 10 high res digital images for $85, with the option to add a 24” print for an additional $25. And, don't forget that $10 savings when you pre-pay. 

If you would like to pre-order a photo package, please email Tradd directly at He'll be happy to work with you to get you some great shots of you and your car on track. You can see more of his work at his site here:

And even if you don't pre-order, Tradd will be taking photos throughout the event, so you'll be able to purchase a package after the event if you'd like. And, of course, you'll still receive your one free download provided by Track Night and our friends at The Tire Rack. 

  • Carolina Motorsports Park
    3662 Kershaw Hwy
    Kershaw, SC 29067
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    Timothy Lovick

    I still can sign up for this fun event!? Novice.

    Kathleen Barnes

    Yes it is happening on June 15


    So is this not happening June 15th then? 


    Kathleen Barnes

    It is happening on June 15.  The coment below was about the May event which was postponed.

    Jennifer McAbee

    May12:The gas station near the track does not have fuel. This event has been postponed. An update with a new date will go out soon. 

    Allen M.

    Very disappointed and mad with the SCCA right now. I understand canceling an event because of a situation but when you know the situation days in advanced and you have people traveling from 3 plus hours away and you wait until 3 hours before the gates open to cancel an event because of fuel concerns when those coming have already made arrangements to deal with that and taken off work and expenses INCLUDING FUEL, to cancel the event due to concerns on fuel. This issue was know well outside of 24hrs of the event, why wait til so many had already left and made the trip to cancel it. Very very bad judgment. Not to cancel it but to wait so late to do it. That’s what was so bad. People have lost a lot of money today because of someone’s assanine decision. Very bad planning. I always enjoy your events and how they are ran but whoever handled today’s decision needs to be questioned themselves. That’s great if you are going to give us a rain check on the entry fee or refund but that’s only a small piece of what the cost was today for such a stupid way that this cancelation was handled. Really inexcusable. I work in a industry that has to make a lot of decisions like this in the sports world so I do understand about having to do things like this but never has seen it done in this manner. You either cancel 24hrs out or who ever can come come and those that can’t just can’t. Just very disappointed in the way this was handled. Ok all done for now.

    Paul S.

    Also wondering about gas to get home!. Does the station (Citgo, I think?) outside the Park expect to be OK?


    any chance of cancelation due to gas shortage? 

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