Mark M.

Will there be helmets to rent at this event?

Kathleen Barnes

The track does not have rental helmets.


Chris R.



How do do I sign up for the track tour and what time is it done on April 5th?



Kathleen Barnes

The schedule lists Track Tours at 5PM.  You can sign up by choosing that as your driver group.  Register on the tab above.


Chris R.

Thank you Kathleen 


just wanted to confirm will this be for the full ROVAL course per the track map shown, or just the interior as per previous events?

Kathleen Barnes


Edward Erlandson

Better information about an "up to date helmet can be found using the attached link and looking for Helmet Requirements tab. We had 2 participants racing off to a local shop to buy new helmets at the last event as "snell 2000" is no longer approved.


Samuel A.

Hey do I need my own car to race? 

Kathleen Barnes

Track Night is not racing and yes,  you need to bring a car.