Like Track Night? We Want You on the Team

Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack is one of SCCA’s most radical programs. Sure, the concept is simple enough: Allow people racetrack access for minimal cost with a time commitment anyone can afford. Then, emphasize fun over lap times and competition – in fact, eliminate those last two and only have the first. How? An energetic crew of Track Night staffers set the stress-free tone to ensure everyone feels the rush. But finding those special folks to lead the way can be a challenge. Luckily, there’s you.

As an SCCA® member, we already know you’re enthusiastic about performance driving; and also as an SCCA member, we know you have a motorsports resume that combines safety and fun. And if you’re who we know you are, you want the next generation of enthusiasts and SCCA members to love motorsports and the Club as much as you do.

It’s because of this that we want you to join the Track Night team.

Track Night in America is a nationwide program that puts the fun in #funwithcars by allowing anyone with about $170, an open afternoon, and a helmet the ability to drive their car on some of the best racetracks in the country. Speed doesn’t matter – fun is key. As part of the Track Night crew, your job will be to facilitate that fun through enthusiasm, education, and a darn big grin when you see how thrilled Track Night participants are to be there.

Will you be helping out for free? Heck no – we’re talking actual compensation! But truth be told, you’ll find the real reward is putting excited drivers on the racetrack.

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Become a Track Night Staffer

Photo by Daniel Cutrer