Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Track Night Team!

Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is a nationwide track event program created to make having #funwithcars easy, safe, and fun at racetracks all over the country. Track Night doesn't try to make drivers faster. Instead, we focus on making sure our drivers have everything they need to keep their awareness up, work well with one another, and take care of each other out on track. 

With afternoon weekday events at over 30 tracks across the country, we're always looking for enthusiastic, friendly, and talented people to join the Track Night Team. Compensation may be payment or an exchange of track time depending on the position and commitment level. 

If you want to be involved with facilitating fantastic track events with Track Night, please fill out the form below. 

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Job Descriptions

There are several key staff members at each Track Night and each is vital to its success. Please read the job descriptions below and then select each position you feel may be a good fit for you.

Event Lead

The Event Lead leads the on-site team before, during, and after events and sets the Track Night tone of providing a friendly, comfortable, and welcoming opportunity for enthusiasts to drive on track. They will work with event staff, track staff, and local SCCA regions to operate safely and within SCCA, track, and local standards. They ensure that the on-site team is effectively facilitating a fantastic experience for our participants. 

The Lead should keep the event running smoothly and on time while adjusting for any incident or customer service needs. Before the event day, the Lead will keep track of any pressing registration issues and communicate with the national SCCA staff about needs and equipment inventory. After the event, they will send in required tech forms and waivers. Event Leads will arrive at the track with plenty of time to lead setup and stay until the track is cold, all equipment is safely stored, and participants and staff are heading out. 


The Admin is the first person to welcome participants to Track Night. Using a laptop or tablet, the Admin checks drivers into our online system, ensures that they sign the necessary waivers, and gives the participant the required materials. They will also collect completed tech forms, hand out tech stickers, and help attendees with any issues or questions they might have. They can use other TNIA staff as resources during the check-in process to answer questions or take tech sheets and check helmets. 

They will need to arrive early enough to help with setup and stay until the event is over and all equipment is safely stored. Once the initial check-in rush is over and the track is hot, the Admin continues to be a customer service resource for the participants. If the Admin is familiar with the local region, they can be a resource for drivers who may be interested in getting more involved. Otherwise, they can point interested participants to someone present who is connected to the region. As the event begins to wind down, the Admin will pack up the check-in supplies and take an inventory of what is needed for the next event.  

Advanced or Intermediate Driver Coach

Our driver coaches work to facilitate a fantastic experience for our participants. They observe and work with the Advanced and Intermediate drivers to ensure smooth and safe on-track sessions. 

Driver Coaches will need to arrive at events early enough to help with setup. They will also need to stay until the event is over to help with tear-down by collecting and storing event equipment at the end of the day. They should help the Admin at check-in as needed, taking tech sheets or checking helmets. The Driver Coach should facilitate/lead the drivers meetings. 

During on-track sessions, the Driver Coach should observe Intermediate and Advanced sessions from pit road or start stand, calling for black or blue flags when needed. They will then politely talk to any black-flagged drivers and ensure each advanced and intermediate session runs smoothly from a safety and courtesy standpoint. Please note: Track Night in America does not utilize in-car/right-seat instructors.

Hawk Performance Novice Experience Coach

The Hawk Performance Novice Experience Coach is key to facilitating a fantastic "first experience" at the track for our new drivers and is the point person for our Novice drivers throughout the event. They will lead the Novice drivers meetings and post-session debriefs, as well as observe their on-track sessions, ensuring that the drivers are working well together and making safe choices.

Coaches will need to arrive at events early enough to help with setup. They will also need to stay until the event is over to help with tear-down by collecting and storing event equipment at the end of the day. They should help the Admin at check-in as needed, taking tech sheets or checking helmets. 

During the event, the Novice Coach should give novice participants personal attention through greetings, encouragement, check-ins, and expertise. During Novice on-track sessions, the Novice Coach should observe from pit road or the start stand, calling for black or blue flags when needed, and politely talk to flagged drivers. The coach will then relay any feedback they have to the drivers in the post-session debrief. Our goal is not to make fast drivers. It is to help our Novices grow in on-track awareness and courtesy. Please note: Track Night in America does not utilize in-car/right-seat instructors.

General Support

Often, during large events and peak times, we could use a hand here and there to help keep everything flowing smoothly. If this is something you're interested in, you can almost always come out to any event and let the Event Lead know that you'd like to help out.

Here are some ways we could use your help: 

  • Help with Check-In
    • Use a laptop or tablet to check drivers into the system
    • Check helmets for the appropriate certification labels
    • Take tech sheets and give drivers tech stickers
    • Hand out partner t-shirts or swag
  • Event Setup
    • Hang Banners
    • Put out Passing Zone Signs
    • Help with Check-in Setup
  • Paddock Support
    • Direct traffic
    • Make announcements
  • Grid
    • Check for wristbands, tech stickers, and helmet stickers before drivers head out on track
    • Release drivers at the beginning of a session onto the track 
  • Lead Touring or Paced Lap Sessions

SCCA Region Ambassador

Local region members are welcome to showcase their local region by speaking with drivers about the club, upcoming regional events, and ways to get involved with the region. Some regions will bring a table or pop-up to display regional flyers and info. They can either do this in conjunction with another staff role or on its own as a volunteer role. 

Many of our Track Nights drivers aren't yet SCCA members, so representing the local region is a great way to get some exposure to enthusiastic prospective members. 


Track Night is looking for experienced motorsports photographers to provide our participants with photo-mementos and help Track Night build a library of promotional images. 

Photographers should professionally shoot, edit, and digitally deliver media and print quality images of people at the event and cars at speed in various lighting conditions. We provide our drivers with one free digital Track Night branded image of themselves on-track after each event, so the photographer will need to provide us with a library of these images accessible to our drivers. Photographers may sell individual images, packages, or mementos in any way they choose. We'd love to be able to request images from your library of Track Night shots for newsletters, mailings, print ads, etc.  

If this fits you, please provide links to examples of your photography and describe what you might offer in the comment boxes toward the end of the application form. If you have questions about Track Night photography, please email

Track Night hosts events at over 30 tracks across the country. Which are you interested in or able to work? 

*Not all of these locations are current Track Night tracks, but they may become so in the future. 

What is your level of interest and availability to work Track Night events? 

If you are comfortable with traveling to events, what types of travel work for you? If we do have to travel you to an event, Track Night covers necessary expenses like flights and hotel stays.  

Do you have any experience working or volunteering for motorsports events? Please tell us about the program, types of events, and roles that you held. 

 Tell us about any experience you have with motorsports as a driver. What programs and disciplines are you involved in? 

Do you have any experience working in customer service? If so, let us know what type of work you've done. 

 When and how have you been a coach, teacher, mentor, or leader? Give an example if you can.

 What do you believe are the three most important things necessary to put on a successful track event?

Have you been to any Track Nights? Describe your experience with the program. If you're a frequent-flyer, tell us why. What is it about Track Nights that bring you back? 

 Why do you want to be a part of Track Night in America? 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself that you believe makes you a good fit for the Track Night Team? 

Who can we contact to tell us why you would be a good fit for Track Night? Bonus points if they're an SCCA member.