The “S” Is for Savings: Join SCCA and Save Big on Track Night

If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you … err … actually, we’ve only told you once, so it’s time we told you again: Join SCCA® using this link between now and May 31, 2023 (Central Time), and you’ll be inundated with so many discounts to Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack events that your SCCA membership will just about be free.

It’s a hard deal to beat – and we know you know because we’re pretty sure you’ve tried Googling “Track Night discount code” before signing up for Track Night events in the past. But with this limited-time deal, there’ll be no more slumming it for coupons, because we’re about to hook you up with a boatload of Track Night discounts.

The deal is a simple one that takes you 10 minutes to earn a near-immediate $40 Track Night discount, followed by a $25 Track Night discount that comes in the mail. On top of that, all SCCA members automatically receive $20 off every Track Night in America entry.

That’s in addition to any discount codes we send your way in the future.

Great deal, right?

Follow These Steps

  1. Sign up for a Track Night account on the Track Night in America website (if you haven’t already).
    2. Sign up for an SCCA membership using this link between now and May 31, 2023 (Central Time).
    3. Obsessively click the refresh button on your email inbox, because within a week or so you’ll receive a $40 Track Night discount coupon.
    4. Wait by the mailbox for your SCCA membership card to show up. In that envelope will be ANOTHER Track Night coupon, this one for $25 off an entry.


With an SCCA membership card in hand, every time you register for a Track Night in America event, you’ll automatically receive a $20 Club member discount.

It should be noted that you can’t double-up the $40 and $25 Track Night coupons. In that same breath, it should also be noted that you CAN double-up the $20 membership discount with any Track Night coupon.

And great news! If your SCCA membership lapsed more than six months ago, you can renew and totally take advantage of this offer!

With a deal like this, we might just go ahead and change our name to the “Savings” Car Club of America.

Don’t know what Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is, or why you should care? That’s a whole other conversation. For that, click here.

Photo by Tradd Slayton

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