Track Night Lovers: Join SCCA and Save BIG!

Do you like to drive on the track? Do you like to save money? Then do we have a deal for you!

The pitch is this: Become a member of the Sports Car Club of America® in May 2023 and we’ll throw so many discounts for future SCCA Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack events at you that you’ll more than make up the cost. This ain’t marketing speak, either – we’re talking real, genuine, honest savings you can take to the bank.

Well, there’s a catch. There are always catches. But these catches are sweet.

What’s the Dealio

Boring number crunching shows that only half of Track Night in America participants are SCCA members, with 100 percent of those members enjoying $20 off every Track Night they enter. The other 50 percent of Track Night participants are either paying full-boat Track Night entry fees, or they’re waiting for coupons that our partners periodically put into the ether. Since we want everyone to receive that membership discount, we’re going to make it happen by sending you a $40 coupon to a Track Night event if you become an SCCA member in May.

Then we’ll send you another $25 Track Night coupon with your membership card.


The catch is you can’t combine the $40 coupon with the $25 coupon. You can, however, add the $20 discount all SCCA members get at Track Night events to these coupons, essentially transforming that $40 coupon into $60, and the $25 coupon into $45. Then from that point forward, every Track Night in America event you enter will automatically be $20 less expensive than you’re used to, thanks to the discount that SCCA members automatically receive.

More mind-numbing number crunching shows that with all of these discounts, your first year’s SCCA membership will basically be paid for – and with that continuous $20 membership discount to all Track Nights, SCCA is the membership that keeps on giving.

Those are pretty sweet catches.

6 Steps to Savings

Step 1: Sign up for a Track Night account on the Track Night in America website.

Step 2: Sign up for an SCCA membership using this link between May 1-31, 2023 (Central Time).

Step 3: Within a week or so, a $40 Track Night discount coupon will magically appear in your email inbox. (Well, “magically” in that SCCA’s Manager of Track Night in America Justin Barbry will work through his dinners to make that happen.)

Step 4: SCCA will mail your Club membership card to your residence, and that envelope will also include a coupon for $25 off a Track Night entry.

Step 5: Regardless of what other coupon you use when signing up for Track Night in America events, SCCA members will always receive the Club member discount on every Track Night – which right now is $20!

Step 6: There is no step six. It’s that easy!

Working The System

As an SCCA member, you’ll be saving big every time you enter a Track Night event, meaning maybe you’ll want to gift your $40 Track Night coupon to someone who’s not a member so they can experience track life. Is that doable? Totally! Once your coupon arrives in your Track Night account, email us at and ask. Your generosity will be much appreciated, and you’ll be like an ambassador to the program.

Has your membership lapsed? If you’ve been an SCCA member in the past but let your membership lapse, you can totally take advantage of this deal! The caveat is that you need to have a membership that expired at least six months ago. If that’s you, follow those six easy steps above for big Track Night discounts. Heck, it’s like we’re renewing your membership for free.

Do It!

If you’ve made it this far in this announcement and not signed up for an SCCA membership yet, maybe we’ve been too subtle:


Then get out there on track and have a blast! (There are certainly no catches to that last part.)

Photo by Tradd Slayton

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