Classic Cars Podcast Welcomes Track Night

Our very own Courtney Rivers sat down with Tom Stahler from the Journal for the latest episode of their podcast to discuss how SCCA has evolved in the Club’s 76-year history.

Admittedly, once upon a time, motorsport was a hobby reserved for the elite with high barriers to entry and plenty of enthusiasts wanting to keep it that way. Through the years those barriers have been progressively lowered. Autocross and RallyCross provided outlets for enthusiasts away from a racetrack, but those famous circuits remained elite venues.

SCCA’s greatest strike against these barriers came with the introduction of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack in 2015. Now on its sixth season, the program has grown, putting over 40,000 drivers on track.

The program touts being the fastest way to get on track and much of that stems from a non-traditional approach to track events. “We aren’t telling people what NOT to do. We give basic instruction on passing and flags and seek everyone to ENJOY themselves,” said Rivers. Despite the need for increased precautions during a global pandemic, Track Night isn’t slowing down anytime soon with events selling out even faster than years prior.

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You can read Stahler’s takeaways from the interview here.