No Fooling: Here's the Truth!

It's April 2, which means the Internet is back to normal and we can trust everything we see on it again! Yesterday, on April Fools’ Day, we made three announcements and asked you to figure out which one was real: Road Rally going Pro, a new partnership with blipshift, or the endlessly talented Rick Astley performing at TT Nationals. While all these things are awesome, only one can be true.


And the true item is …


… (we’ll wait while you do a drumroll at your desk) …


… a partnership with blipshift!


In April, SCCA is partnering with blipshift to crowdsource a new shirt design! Club members will submit their ideas or designs, and the winning design will be sold on A set of BFGoodrich tires will also be awarded to the winning designer. Additional prizes will be awarded to second- and third-place creations. The contest starts April 11 and we'll be announcing more details soon.


Need a little inspiration? Want to see what blipshift is about? There's something for everyone, so give your torso the same love you give your car with these awesome designs. Check them out HERE.