Partners Boost Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack

TOPEKA, Kansas (March 24, 2017) – Participants in SCCA® Track Night in America® Driven by Tire Rack have an opportunity to improve their cars and save money on their performance driving fun, thanks to a series of 2017 partnerships. In addition, each month of the season will feature special swag and an enhanced experience, thanks to select featured partners.

The partner driving the charge is Tire Rack, on board since the 2015 inception of the program and a longtime friend of Sports Car Club of America® activities. After completing a Track Night in America event, participants will receive an email making them eligible for $25 or more in Track Night Performance Rewards after optimizing a car with suspension, brake, wheel or tire deals.

This year, a series of partners have banded with Track Night in America to support enthusiasts with “Featured Months.” During a month, entrants will see additional benefits, including discounts on Track Night events, custom swag for participants, special product giveaways, and technical articles on to improve the performance of street and track vehicles.

In April, Tire Rack and Mazda have joined together to present “SCCA Members Month.” Members of the SCCA who register in March for one of nearly 20 Track Night events planned around the U.S. during April can do so for the low, low price of $50.

KONI, who presents the KONI Novice Experience throughout the year at Track Night events, is the featured partner in May. KONI’s high-performance shocks and suspension components are produced and staffed by fellow enthusiasts and technicians. The Ultra High Performance rubber of Falken Tire will be featured in June, and stopping power becomes the name of the game in July during Hawk Performance month. Hawk Performance is also the Official Brake Products of the SCCA.

No matter when a participant wants to run, Black Armor Helmets is offering deep discounts off their product line at the time of Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack registration. Full-faced helmets are available for $200, and open-faced helmets for $150. Both are eligible helmets at Track Night events.

AutoPower Safety Equipment has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing race and safety equipment, and returns in 2017 as a Track Night technical partner. Grassroots Motorsports continues their support of the program, offering trial subscriptions to new readers and discounts to those who renew their existing delivery. And Eibach, Stoptech, and KW Suspensions are all early adopters of the Tire Rack Performance Rewards program.

Track Night in America is a non-competitive, no-stress, entertaining, easy and inexpensive way for nearly anyone who loves cars or motorsports to get on a real racecourse in their own vehicle during weeknights. All that is required is that participants be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license and have access to a helmet and street car in good working condition.

No previous on-track experience or SCCA membership is required to join in the fun. Drivers participate in the Advanced, Intermediate or KONI Novice Experience group so on-track activities remain fun for all, and everyone gets three 20-minute sessions on course -- as well as feedback from SCCA driver coaches on site. Admission is free for people who just want to stop by and watch the fun, and leisurely circuit parade laps are provided for all Track Night in America guests.

More information about SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack can be found at Additional press releases can be found at the Track Night in America press page; and FAQ, logo and photos located online at the Track Night in America media kit.

About SCCA Track Night in America:
Driven by Tire Rack, SCCA Track Night in America is “The Fastest Way to Get on Track” for automotive enthusiasts. Launched in 2015, Track Night in America was developed by the SCCA Experiential Programs Dept. as a way to make on-track experiences at race circuits more accessible to the general public. The Sports Car Club of America®, Inc., founded in 1944, is a 67,500-member motorsports organization that incorporates all facets of autocross, rally and road racing at both club and professional levels. With headquarters in Topeka, Kansas, the SCCA annually sanctions over 2,000 events through its 116 Regions and subsidiary divisions. Much of the SCCA’s activities are made possible with support from the following Official Partners: Chevrolet, the Official Truck of the SCCA; Hawk Performance, the Official Brake Products of SCCA; Mobil 1, the Official Oil of SCCA; Sunoco, the Official Fuel of SCCA; and Tire Rack, the Official Tire Retailer of SCCA. To learn more, please visit

Photo Credit: Perry Bennett