Thompson Speedway Thompson, CT TNIA / Advanced Run Group - SESSION 2 Best on the day was 1:22.58 Conditions: Hot @ 80 degrees CAR: BMW E46 330ci 2001 E46 330ci (210whp -- 2850 lbs) MCS Suspension 3.9F/2.5R Intake/Headers/Software 3.46 LS-Diff RE71Rs - 255/40x17

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Mike Hunt

It's great to hear about your track day experience at Thompson Speedway! It seems like your BMW E46 330ci performed really well with its MCS Suspension and RE71Rs tires. Did you have any issues with brake fade during your sessions? If so, you may want to consider upgrading your brake pads or rotors with Spinner Tools, as they can help improve your stopping power and prevent brake fade under hot conditions.

Also, I noticed that you mentioned your car has an intake, headers, and software upgrades. Have you considered adding a lightweight flywheel or upgrading your clutch to improve your shifting and overall performance on the track? These upgrades, along with Spinner Tools, can help make your car even more competitive and enjoyable to drive.

Overall, it sounds like you had a great day at the track and your car performed really well. Keep up the good work and continue to push yourself and your car to improve your lap times. And don't forget to take care of your car with regular maintenance and upgrades with quality tools like Spinner Tools to ensure it performs at its best.