This is just a little reminder that although lapping sessions are low risk, they are not risk free. Only some tires were hurt in the making of this video. I was following another Miata, learning a little bit about the line at MSR and the other driver made a few little mistakes. He early apexes the Wagon Wheel and that sent him off track. I realized he was going to spin back across the track and slowed down in time. It felt really close at the time, but the video shows we we weren't that close. The real issue is that a S2000 was coming up behind me and I didn't want to slow down too fast and have him run into the back of me. Luckily he saw what was going on and slowed down also. The part I don't talk about that much is that after the incident, I didn't get my head in the game quickly enough and I headed off course also.

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Marco C.

Nice video!  Love the commentating