Brandon Snider

coil overs 

adjustable end links

billet sway bar mounts


Michel Strickland

I am afraid, as a new member, my car is already improved to where it cannot fit into a class.  I've been wandering around the hundreds of pages of GCRs and I need a the help of a scrutineer.  I clicked on "what region are you in" and found that even though I live in Vancouver WA, I am in the Oregon region.  I sent a message to the site which came up when I clicked on my region asking for a contact with a scrutineer and got a message back that they only sponsor events and I would need to contact SCCA.  Maybe I am doing that now.

Dale C.

brakes (DOT4, SS Lines, Hawk HPS pads) were by far the best money spent...  now to burn off the stock rubber and put something more appropriate on ther corners....

John B.

Already did the brakes, now the tires are the limiting factor (other than the all important driver mod, LOL)

Sam M.

After my first track night, I now understand that cooling is by far the highest priority on my list now.


Making more than 170hp is going to have to wait for now.

Mark Eric Estrada

It won't be as bad once it cools down outside, but a 3 core aluminium radiator is a good upgrade.