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Josh M

Power of an 8 cyl in a boosted 2.0 4 cyl. gets it done.  400rwhp @ 2900 lbs

William Falcone

If 8 cylinders is fun, then 10 is better but 12 is best. And maybe brakes would help.

Travis K.

how about a wrong-wheel-drive option? EF Hondas are a riot on the track.

robert N.

I like my super cheap little integra. Can't get any cheaper or better than a car that cost $80 originally..... now its no longer an $80 car. I've probably put a little over 3k into it over the past year. Just so I could have a track toy and be safe. So far it's been a super fun little car at the track. 

Adam Oas

The original its-not-a-miata... S2000