Welcome to the Track Night in America Online Drivers’ Meeting. This meeting is designed to give you all of the information you need to have fun at your event, whether you already know it or not.

 Following these simple instructions, guidelines, and tips will ensure that you are able to successfully participate on track in the Intermediate or Advanced group. So take it seriously, take notes if you need to, and feel free to repeat the course as many times as you like.


1. This is not a race.

Plain and simple, Track Night events are all about having fun, enjoying your car and the track. Driving that is aggressive toward other drivers, out of control, or that puts yourself or others at risk will not be tolerated.


2. Be a good Neighbor

On your way to and from the track, obey ALL traffic laws, keep your car quiet, and be respectful of those who live in the area. At the track, keep up with your stuff, keep the drive lanes clear, throw away trash, and be sure to put a board under your jack so you don’t tear up any asphalt or sink into the sand.

Most of all, remember, the paddock is a “no wake zone” so keep it low and slow until you are on the track.


3. Same Team!

The best way to think about your on track experience is that you, everyone else on the track, the flaggers, and officials are on the same team. The team goal is to have fun and be safe. Being a good teammate means checking mirrors, giving space, having some patience, and generally looking out for one another.


4. Passing Rules:

All passes are by point-by only. Always!

Novice and Intermediate groups - all passes are by point-by and only within the marked passing zones.

Advanced group: all passes are by point-by only, but may happen anywhere on track that it’s safe to do so (unless otherwise specified during your driver's meeting, as some tracks may have no-passing zones).


5. Passing Rules, Part 2: The Art of the Point-by

Point-bys are a form of communication. They are best when intentional and direct.   It is essential that all point-bys be done out the window*, and there should be one for each car passing. Keep in mind, a point-by requires the participation of two extremities— your arm out the window and your foot coming off the throttle.

It is always preferred that point-bys be given to your left; however, if you do need to point to the right, please ensure that you are pointing across the roof.

*There may be some drivers participating in Track Night who have physical limitations that prevent them from being able to point out a window. For those, we ask that tape “arrows” be placed over the turn signals, and blinkers be used to signal a point.


6. Passing Rules, Part 3: But wait, there’s more!

Here is the thing— some cars are fast in corners and not-so-much on straights. Then there are the cars that might not be the easiest thing to handle in a turn, but go like stink in a straight line. You know who you are. So, if someone catches you in the tricky bits, let them by in the next passing zone. If you really are faster than them, they will point you by at the next one.


7. Get to know your flags

Yellow- Typically means a car has spun and for Track Night events it will mean that there is something on the track you need to worry about (water, oil, sand, rocks cars parts) — waving means it is on the track, stationary means it is off the track. In either case, give a lift and be prepared to alter your line.

Blue- The blue flag is a friendly reminder to check your mirror and let the train of cars behind you pass at the next passing zone. Fail to take the hint and the blue will turn into a black in a few corners.

Black- The message is simple— pit, now. If it is waving, it is for everyone, hopefully because the session is over. If it is stationary, it is just for you. You will know because the flagger is pointing at you, or because you just did something kinda dumb.

Red - This one means, pull to the side of the track (but still on the asphalt) smoothly and safely but as soon as possible. Wait to move until further signals are given by corner workers or other officials. Hopefully you won't see this one, as it would only be used in very serious situations where there is track blockage or a rescue vehicle is needed at the scene of an incident immediately.

Checkered - If you and your car are in one piece, you win! Slow down for a cool down lap to allow your brakes and tires to cool, wave at the corner workers as you go by. 


8. Five Easy Steps to Avoid a Black Flag

As mentioned, a stationary black flag means that you should pit, the driving coach would like to have a conversation with you. These conversations are generally friendly, but will cost you track time. However, by following these simple steps you can stay on track for your whole session:

Step 1- Keep all fluids and parts within and/or attached to your vehicle at all times

Step 2- Keep all four wheels on the track surface for the duration of your session

Step 3- Keep your front wheels in front of your rear wheels (no end swapping!)

Step 4- Check and empty your mirrors regularly

Step 5- Establish and maintain an appropriate level of situational awareness

A tip- should you discover yourself out of step, do not pass go, come straight to the pits. You will lose less time and have a better conversation if you come to us before we come to you.


9. Zero Tolerance Policies

The following will result in the premature ending of your on track experience:

- Contact with another car

- Consumption of drugs, alcohol, or other impairing substances

- Disrespectful behavior or language

- Three incidents that result in black flags


10. A is for Attitude

No amount of rules, regulations, or meetings can substitute for the right attitude. We want to have fun; we want you to have fun. Let’s be smart, stay within the laws of physics, and the bounds of good sense and we can make sure everyone has a great night.

And finally, Track Night Tech Sheets:

Everyone at Track Night will need to fill out and sign a tech sheet. If you would like, you can do this at the event with the assistance of one of our tech workers.

Most Tracks: http://www.tracknightinamerica.com/downloads/2998-tech-sheet/download

Atlanta Motorsports Park: http://www.tracknightinamerica.com/downloads/9238-t-ni-a-tech-sheet-atlanta/download

New Jersey Motorsports Park: http://www.tracknightinamerica.com/downloads/3212-t-ni-a-tech-sheet-new-jersey/download


Thank you.

You have now completed your drivers’ meeting.

(see, that wasn’t so bad.)

Please email Jack@TrackNightinAmerica.com and let him know you “got it.”