58 W Ware Rd
Palmer, MA 01069

Palmer Motorsports Park is touted as the “first true roadcourse in Massachusetts” and is just seven miles off the turnpike on Whiskey Hill. This track – created for testing, driver training and competition is 2.3 miles long and boasts 190 feet of elevation change.


 Track Specific Rules

  • 2018 Rules for Whiskey Hill Raceway at Palmer Motorsports Park
  • The sound decibel limit is 95 db measured 50 feet from the track edge.
  • Electrified Vehicle Drivers: this track's capacities for dealing with significant electrical fires are limited. In the unlikely event of an EV fire, the emergency response team will be focused on ensuring the driver’s safe exit from the vehicle with awareness that complete and immediate fire extinguishing may not be achievable. 

Palmer Motorsports Park does not have food or beverages available on-site. Please bring everything you may need for the evening with you. 


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