9012 Performance Court
Cresson, TX 76035
P: (817)512-3162

The MotorSport Ranch is a 304 acre facility located 14 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas on Highway 377. There are two road courses at the Ranch. The 1.7 mile course is 40 feet wide, has eleven turns, and has thirty feet of elevation changes. The 1.3 mile course is 40 feet wide, has seven turns, and has over seventy feet of elevation change! The two courses can be combined to create a 3.1 mile circuit – one of the longest in North America. All three circuits, the 1.7, the 1.3, and the 3.1 mile courses can be run clockwise or counterclockwise. The clubhouse has meeting rooms, bathrooms, showers, offices, and observation deck. The Skid Pad is a 200 feet by 200 feet and is a patch of asphalt to be used to warm up tires, run through a couple of gears, check the the balance of your car.


Track Specific Rules

  • Sound limit of 103 decibels 50 feet from the track edge will be in force at all times.
  • All trucks, SUV's and CUV's will be limited to paced/parade lap sessions only.


Track Map


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Helmet Rental

MotorSport Ranch has a limited number of helmets available to rent for $11 per night. For more information, or to reserve an appropriately sized helmet for an upcoming event, please contact TrackNight@scca.com. Payment by MasterCard, Visa or cash will be processed on-site.

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