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Charlotte Motor Speedway Roval

rissas dad

Hello all.  I'm surely late to even know this was going on so close to me.  Admittedly I dont normally look to do track stuff during the week, perhaps thats the reason I didnt know this was going on.  I knew these happened at

AMP and CMP but thats too far for me to go during the week, but this is 15min from home so I'm looking forward to giving the roval a try.  I'll try to keep my boxer4 out of the way of you v8's.  

James P.

Some things to pass on from my first event here:

- Make sure you sign up for the appropriate class. There were a lot of drivers in intermediate that should have been in Novice. If you have never done an HPDE event with an instructor, you likely belong in the Novice group.

-Watch for people getting frustrated behind you because you're not giving them a point by. I found myself driving off the line most of the time just to stay in people's rear view/side mirrors so they know I'm trying to pass.

-There are no braking zones here. Know your car and your brakes and plan for where you need to brake so you don't end up off track or in the wall.

-Your first lap should be your warm up lap, not a full speed lap. Then when you see the checker flag, that's your cool down lap. A lot of drivers were trying to go full speed their last lap.

-There's no gas here. This was a major problem. I had to sit my last session out, and multiple cars ran out of gas on and off track. If I were to go again, I would try and drive to a gas station between sessions.

-Definitely get in contact with Tradd's Photos ahead/during/after the event. Trust me, you'll want to order some photos of you on track from him. Comparing his work to previous track photographers, his are 10x better...pretty amazing.

James P.

Welcome! I made this group to get people together attending events at the Charlotte Roval, but feel free to comment/ask anything related at all. Personally, this will be my first SCCA event as well as my first time at the Charlotte Roval. See ya there!