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Post your comments, pics, event attendance, etc.  For anyone that has been to this venue.

Jeffrey David Katz

Participated in my first event last night, and despite the storms that moved through I had an amazing time.  Decided the first upgrade to my car is brakes before suspension.  Had a great group with point by's given and received.

Novice Paced Session

Novice Session 1

Novice Session 2

Michael G.

Going on may 16th.  Anyone else going?

Trevor H.

Will be volunteering!

Robb M

Hi, I'm Robb. Was anSCCA member back in the mid-late 90s, did SOlo II autocrossing with an '87 Camamro Z28 I had at the time, then moved to alky Karts, for a couple years, also did a couple Porsche Club track schools with my Mom's 944 back around then. I've also done a bit of PCA club corner work, but that was also back in the day. I scratch built a vehicle much like a Morgan Three wheeler between 2010 and 2014, and have put over 10,000 reliable street miles on it since. It's both in my profile pic, and here:



want to get it out on a track to explore its handling, and the Track Night America events seems like a great way to do it. 

BUT...would it even be allowed on the track with the other cars? its got manual 3-point (lap and shoulder) belts , adn for what its worth the roll bar is SCCA legal 1.5 .095 wall DOM, so...

Anyway, cant make it to the event tonight (was there last weekend for the vintage races) but will likely come check out the next one later in july, if for nothing else than to talk to the officials, let the tech guys have a look, and find out if they'd even allow it in the run groups.

Jay Dee C.

If the roll bar is SCCA legal, I would imagine it would be fine, but I'm not expert.  I would go here (https://www.tracknightinamerica.com/pages/ask-jack) and ask just to be safe.  I'd love to see it in person, so I hope you can make it out.

Robb M

Hi Jay

Actually I went thru the tracknight FAQ, and I did e-mail Jack Track, and unfortunmately because its classified as a motorcycle (MA considers anything with less than 4 wheels a motorcycle, and to be honest, its registered as the donor 1980 Yamaha XS850) , its not allowed in tracknightamerica events. I still want to come to the thompson event on the 19th, and hopefully be able to do the paced open house laps with it, since those are open to anybody. if you see me there feel free to come by and say Hi.

looks like I have to build something that would be allowed ;-) 


Jay Dee C.

Aww...thats too bad man.  If you make to the track, I'll definitely come check it out.

Jay Dee C.

Who's in for track night this Thursday?  It's supposed to be a nice day.

Frank A.

I hope tomorrow tuns out a lot better then what the weather forecast suppose to be.


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