Date: October 17, 2020, 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM EDT
Address: 47 Warbird Dr, Millville, NJ, 08332-8000

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Track Night in America During the SCCA Time Trials National Tour

This special Track Night gives you the chance to get four sessions on the Lightning Course on Saturday, October 17th. We're teaming up with the Time Trials National Tour team to put on a Track Night during the Time Trials event. You'll get the same awesome TNIA experience that you're used to (plus an extra hot session!), while also getting a chance to see what this whole Time Trials thing is all about. Check out the schedule below for more info. We will have awesome national SCCA staff on-site, as well as local leaders of the Time Trials program. If you've ever been curious about checking out Time Trials, this might be the event for you!


In light of the current COVID-19 situation, every attempt will be made to minimize the risks of exposure to the virus. New processes and procedures are being developed and will be put into place for events going forward.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to assess the risk to you, both on-track and off, and to make the decision on whether or not to participate. If you are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath please stay home. If you have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing these symptoms in the last two weeks, please stay home.

Please take this seriously. Each individual has different concerns about the risk of infection and it is important to take everyone's feelings into consideration. The approach we are taking and asking you to join us in is much in alignment with our "same team" approach. Just as your safety and well-being on track depend on everyone working together, the same applies in the paddock as well. As such, we ask that everyone respect the health concerns of others, whether you share them or not.

While on-site please take the health and safety of your fellow participants, volunteers, and staff into consideration and practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands, and/or use hand sanitizer frequently. All attendees and staff will be required to wear a face covering (mask, bandana, balaclava, etc.) any time they are outside of their own vehicle.


New Jersey Motorsports Park is a road course located in Millville, Cumberland County, New Jersey, United States. It is located on 500 acres immediately adjacent to the Millville Municipal Airport, a location that was dedicated in 1941 as America’s First Defense Airport, which played a key role in the country’s World War II military efforts. It has hosted races since opening in 2008 and currently boasts a schedule including MotoAmerica, ARCA Racing Series, American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, and SCCA events.



Novice and Intermediate/Advanced groups: $205
Join SCCA and Save! Members Pay: $195

Due to government restrictions on the facility, this will be a participants only, no spectators event. 

Food and beverage services will not be available, but the vending machines located inside the former concession area will be open for snacks and drinks.


NJMP Track Specific Rules
        • Tech: Track Night in America events at New Jersey Motorsports Park require a different tech sheet than other Track Night locations. You can find the correct tech sheet by clicking here. Please print out a tech sheet, fill it out and bring it to check-in with you, along with your helmet. You will not need to present your car to tech in the garages prior to going out on track. Instead, we'll be doing a tech check on grid before you go out for your first session.

        • Convertibles: All non-racing convertible or open-top cars (except for touring laps behind a pace car) must be equipped with a proper fixed rollover protection bar, or bars as set forth in Chapter 62 of the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Racetrack Regulations. Factory installed self-deploying or “pop-up” bars or roll hoops are not compliant, and will not be allowed to participate. Furthermore, fixed roll bars or hoops must terminate above the head of any driver or passenger (pass the “broomstick test”). Convertibles with fabric tops must run in driver education or lapping events with the top in the down, or stowed position. Retractable hardtop cars with proper rollover protection installed may run in driver education or lapping events with the top in the up or down position. Removable hard tops are not considered rollover protection. NJMP may, at its discretion, deny any convertible or open-top car access to the race track for any reason. All participants in convertible vehicles must wear a full-faced helmet with the visor fully closed.

        • Electric Vehicles: Battery powered electric vehicles (BEVs) are not permitted on the track.

        • Helmets: All helmets must be labeled Snell M or SA 2015 or newer. Drivers in convertibles must have a full-faced helmet and the visor must remain closed while on track.

        • Passengers: Passengers are not permitted at New Jersey Motorsports Park Track Night events.

        • Clothing: NJMP requires long pants for any hot session in accordance with NJ Chapter 62 Regulations. Short sleeve shirts are allowed (but not tank tops). Closed toed shoes are required at all times.

        • Seatbelts: If using aftermarket harnesses, they must be current (SFI - 2 years or less, FIA - 5 years or less). No four-point harnesses are allowed. For cars which the NJ State Police classify as racecars, all "Chapter 62" requirements will be enforced. A "racecar" is open to State Police interpretation, so the more your car looks like a racecar and the less like a street car, the better the chances are you will be required to have the required racing harnesses and seats must be manufactured and designed to have 5-point harnesses. (E.g. a designed/manufactured set of holes for sub and shoulder straps.) 

        • Seatbelts, part 2: Track Night in America and NJ Law allows the use of DOT-approved 4-point harnesses, but NJMP strongly recommends against their use.  

        • Seats: If a vehicle has an aftermarket seat, it must be designed for racing harnesses and those harnesses must be in date and used. The use of a 3 or 4-point belt with an aftermarket seat is prohibited. 

        • Cameras: Any on-board camera must by tethered. 

        • Speed Limits: Speed limit in the paddock is 5 mph. Speed limit on access roads and pit lane is 20 mph. Do not test vehicles or bed brakes on infield roads.

        • Asphalt: Do not pound stakes or make any holes in any asphalt surface. Do not paint any asphalt surface. Do not fuel cars on paved areas. If you must temporarily jack a vehicle on asphalt, you must have metal or wood under the jack and jack stands. NO EXCEPTIONS!

        • Paddock Roads: The paddock roads at NJMP are considered "Fire Lanes" and must not be parked on. Vehicles parked in the fire lanes may be moved at the owners expense. 

        • Alcohol: NJMP prohibits patrons to bring outside alcoholic beverages on property in accordance with ABC rules and regulations.

        • Smoking: New Jersey State Law prohibits smoking in public buildings. Smoking is also not permitted in the hot pits, anywhere that fuel is being dispensed as well as in any facility building or garage.


7:00AM- Gates Open



9:00AM - KONI Novice Group: Paced Laps

9:20AM – Time Trials National Tour

    9:25AM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 1

10:20AM – Intermediate/Advanced Group: Session 1

10:40AM - KONI Novice Group: Session 1

11:00AM – Time Trials National Tour

    11:05AM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 2

12:20PM – Intermediate/Advanced Group: Session 2

12:40PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 2

1:00PM – Lunch Break

    1:05PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 3

2:00PM – Time Trials National Tour

3:00PM – Intermediate/Advanced Group: Session 3

3:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 3

3:40PM – Time Trials National Tour

    3:45PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 4

5:00PM – Intermediate/Advanced Group: Session 4

5:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 4

5:40PM - Track Close

8:00PM - Gates Close

*Times are an approximation

Click Here for more information about Track Night events at New Jersey Motorsports Park.


  • New Jersey Motorsports Park
    47 Warbird Dr
    Millville, NJ 08332-8000
  • Comments
    Anthony H.

    What happens if I overslept and missed the drivers meeting?

    Kathleen Barnes

    You will need to have a personal drivers meeting  - 


    Norman Chan

    Is the OEM rollover protection for the 2016+ ND Miatas sufficient to run in Novice group?  Or do you need an aftermarket roll bar?

    Glenn Krueger

    It will need to pass the broomstick test at least.

    Chris D. C.

    When attempting to pick a driver's group, it shows "Intermediate/Advanced" as one selection.

    However, the main page (above) says: "Advanced, Intermediate and Novice groups: $205"

    Will Advanced & Intermediate be separate or combined?  If combined, how may total cars will be allowed in the combined group?

    Jennifer McAbee

    Current plan is to run the Intermediate and Advanced Track Night groups together as many of our drivers from those groups are choosing to participate in the Time Trials event: The total group limit will still be the same 25 we always run. 

    Kathleen Barnes

    The Intermediate/Advanced group is sold out.  There is a lot of space in the Novice group.


    Quinton W.

    Any specifics on what the session schedule looks like?

    Jennifer McAbee

    Working on getting that posted as quickly as we can. Driver briefings in the 8 - 9 am hour and then four hot track sessions for each group throughout the day concluding before 6 pm. 

    Dan Gonzalez

    Which track is this for? Thank you 

    Glenn Krueger

    The Calender at NJMP's website shows a different event on Thunderbolt on the 17th, so I'd guess this is on Lightning.  It would be nice to have that information confirmed though.

    Jennifer McAbee

    This event will be on the Lightning course with the SCCA Time Trials National Tour group.