Louis Sicurezza

Appreciate your position on not having drivers from Atlanta region Double SARRC participate in this event. Jzilla did not take that position two weeks ago with the WRL drivers there for the weekend race. Made for interesting moments on track.

Gregory S.

With this event's on track sessions starting an hour later (5 pm) than the June 7th event (4 pm), something had to give in the schedule to finish every group's three sessions before the gates closed at RA.  Looks like it was the Track Tour Laps that bit the dust due to lack of time. 

Paul Gauzens

I didn’t see any Touring Laps in the schedule.  Is that being dropped for this event? TIA, PaulG 

Gregory S.

While I cannot give you the exact number of open Novice slots, I can tell you that it is a moving target as individuals sign up and later cancel due to business or other commitments.  I would recommend that your friend go ahead and try to sign up for this popular Track Night venue.  Even if there are no open Novice slots, he can still opt for the Novice waiting list.  With over ten days until the event, there's a good chance he'll get in.  Don't forget to use the Hawk $25 discount code.  (See responses to Alec Chi hin Ng's query below.)

harold o.

Buddy of mine wants to come. How many spots left in Novice group?

Alec Chi Hin Ng

Where can I find the $25 discount code from hawks?

Gregory S.

Although Kathy gave you the code to enter at checkout, here's a link to Hawk Performance's page as the featured sponsor of TNiA for July.  You also can sign up for Hawk performance's newsletter, updates, and promotions.