Date: June 07, 2018, 03:00 PM - 09:00 PM EDT
Address: 20 Duck Thurmond Road, Dawsonville, GA, 30534

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Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP) is a road circuit designed by famed Formula One architects, Hermann Tilke. AMP is a 2-mile road circuit with elevation changes, technical circuit layout, high-speed straights and two ‘signature’ corners designed to pay homage to famed European race circuits; Belgium’s Spa-Francochamps and the iconic ‘Carousel’ from Germany’s Nurburgring. Incorporating these most famous and exciting elements of all of tracks only hints at how much fun AMP is.

Marco's Pizza & Wings will be on-site selling dinner from 3:00 - 8:00 pm. Bring your friends and family out for a bite to eat and take part in the Free Track Tour laps!


Advanced, Intermediate and Novice groups: $150
Track Tour Laps and Spectating: $0



  • No one under the age of 16 will be permitted on the track at any time, including pace laps.
  • Sound limit of 98 decibels 50 feet from the track edge will be in force at all times.
  • Atlanta Motorsports Park requires 2010 or newer: Snell SA, SFI or FIA approved helmets.  Other ratings - including but not limited to Snell "M," "K" or only DOT are not permitted.



3:00PM- Gates Open

3:30PM- Worker Meeting (includes Run/Work participants)



4:20PM - Advanced Group: Session 1

4:25PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 1 (Novice Paddock)

4:40PM - Intermediate Group: Session 1

5:00PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 1

5:20PM - Advanced Group: Session 2

5:25PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 2

5:40PM - Intermediate Group: Session 2

6:00PM - Track Tour Laps (Open to All)

6:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 2

6:40PM - Advanced Group: Session 3

6:45PM - KONI Novice Group: Briefing 3

7:00PM - Intermediate Group: Session 3

7:20PM - KONI Novice Group: Session 3

7:40PM - Track Close

9:00PM - Gates Close

* Times are an approximation (Weather and on-track issues can play havoc with a schedule, and sometimes officials might have to improvise to make sure everyone gets the most out of the event.)


Click Here for more information about Track Night events at Atlanta Motorsports Park.


  • Atlanta Motorsports Park
    20 Duck Thurmond Road
    Dawsonville, GA 30534
  • Comments
    Peter K.

    Are passengers allowed for Intermediate group drivers?

    Gregory S.

    Yes and no.  Yes if the passenger is a paid participant driver for the event, or if you are participating in the Track Tour Laps session and the passenger has read and signed the SCCA waiver.  No spectators are allowed to ride as passengers during the regular 20 minutes groups sessions during the event.

    Justin B.

    Will there be helmets available to rent?

    Daniel Cooper


    Gregory S.

    Yes.  Rental helmets are available from Discovery Parts located in Building E, Suite 2 at AMP.


    I would like to drive my car on the Track Tour Lap and spectate. Is there any registration for this, or just show up?


    Thanks Kathleen Barnes! I did not initially see that option. I won't be able to participate in the full event due to work, but I can definitely be there 30 minutes prior to the track tour time slot.

    Alec N.

    I forgot to put the code 1<3FalkenTires when I checked out. What should I do?

    Gregory S.

    Alec, not exactly clear on what this code does.  Is it a TNiA discount code from Falken Tires?

    Gregory S.

    Alec, I will contact the registrar for TNiA at AMP to see what we can do to allow you to use that Falken Tire discount and get back to you.

    Gregory S.

    Alec, your situation has been forwarded and someone associated with TNiA should contact you regarding the application of your Falken Tires discount to the June 7th event.

    Alec N.

    Do I have discount if I’m a scca member?

    Alec N.

    It’s a $25 off code