Chris R.


Do I need an aproved helmet to sign up for the track tour lap, and do I sign up ahead of time?


Kathleen Barnes

Please sign up ahead of time but you do not need an approved helmet.

Chris R.

Thanks. How do I sign up for the tour lap?

Curtis Dietzsch

I just registered and made it on the Novice #2 waiting list.  What are the chances of getting a spot?  Should I show up tomorrow?  Thanks,

Eric S.

Email for waitlist info

Curtis Dietzsch

Thank you,  I fired off an email to Jack a little while ago.

Curtis Dietzsch

Hi Eric,  Is there anyone else that I can contact.  Jack does not seem to be responding to his email.

C Richard W.

I asked about on site storage for tools,ie jack, flashlite, wrenches. extra helmet? Don't want that stuff in car on track.

Jennifer McAbee

Hi Richard,

Sorry for missing your question. It's not anticipated that we'll have on-site storage available. I'd suggest bringing a storage tote to hold your loose items.

Have fun!

Gerald A.

There is a "Check in" button on the web page. When do participants "Check in"?

Jennifer McAbee

The only check-in buttons online are for social media purposes. You'll physically check-in by presenting your driver's license and approved helmet when you arrive on-site.

Andrew O.

Are suction mounts for GoPro cameras allowed (on the outside of the car)?

Eric S.

Yes but you need a strap as well to secure the camera outside the car.