Save Big in April With Hagerty Motorsports and Track Night

Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is the cure for a humdrum life. This SCCA® program puts drivers of any experience level on the best racetracks in America for around $170 – but while that’s a heck of a deal, there’s more to be saved. For Track Nights taking place this April, you can strip off an additional $25 from the entry thanks to Hagerty Motorsports when you enter the single-use “Hagerty2023” coupon code during online checkout.

What racetracks will Track Night be visiting in April? Do Pocono Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway Park ring any bells? How about Carolina Motorsports Park? There are more – way more – so head to Track Night’s event schedule to discover a world of possibilities near you.

But for now, keep reading, because that isn’t the only Hagerty Motorsports deal in town.

If You Like That, You’ll Love This

Hagerty, SCCA’s official insurance partner since 2019, doesn’t want you to miss out, so even if you’re not able to capitalize on Hagerty’s April Track Night discount deal, there’s still a way to save money at Track Night events.

Members of the Hagerty Driver’s Club receive a $25 discount on all Track Nights they register for – that’s $25 off any Track Night you enter, with no limit to the number of events. The only caveat is you can’t combine the Hagerty Drivers Club discount with Hagerty’s April Track Night deal. You can, however, add the $20 discount you get for being an SCCA member, making Track Night in America events something you can’t miss.

Plus, Hagerty Drivers Club offers more than just discounts to Track Night in America – it gives you access to excellent Hagerty content, special events, and much more.

Learn more about Hagerty Drivers Club by clicking here.

Before You Do That, Do This

We all know that Hagerty Motorsports insures cars on the street and in your garage, but did you know the company also insures your car while it’s on track at a Track Night in America event? Hagerty offers 30-percent off any policy covering cars at Track Night events for most SCCA members. Obtain a quote in 30 seconds and get your policy in only five minutes.

Follow this link to get your Hagerty high performance track day insurance quote today.

Be sure to select “yes” for the “Track Night in America” dropdown at the Hagerty website when requesting a quote.

Furthermore, Hagerty’s entire suite of products is available to many SCCA members at a 5-percent discount on annual off-track policies (some states have specific restrictions). Hagerty insures classic cars, sports cars, race cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, military vehicles, and even some modern vehicles, as well as car hauling trailers, spare parts, tools, and more, like damage from loading and offloading from a trailer.

You Read That, Now Go Here

You made it to the end of this story! Congratulations! All that’s left is to click the button below to find a Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event, complete a new registration for the month of April using the “Hagerty2023” coupon code, and then go live your best life!

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Photo by Michael Berchak

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