KONI and Track Night: A Partnership Made for the Track

There are few companies that are synonymous with the Sports Car Club of America, but KONI Shock Absorbers is one of them. From road racing to autocross and beyond, KONI has been an ever-present force, allowing drivers to affordably control their vehicles at speed with top-quality suspension products. That commitment to the Club and its members continues to this very day, with KONI’s involvement with the SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack program.

Track Night in America is one of SCCA’s most unique products, offering racetrack access to anyone with a vehicle, a helmet, about $170, and a spare afternoon. Then come this June, KONI’s assistance will help make that deal even sweeter.

Track Night partners believe everyone should benefit from these kinds of deals, and while the exact dollar amount of KONI’s June Track Night discount has yet to be announced, rest assured that it’ll sweeten the pot.

Another pot sweetener is KONI’s extensive parts offering that will keep you under control on the track and in your daily commuting life. Most recently, KONI has developed new adjustable Sport damper applications for the 10th generation Honda Civic and the 2015-and-newer Subaru WRX. KONI’s Sport dampers are exactly what we were telling you about – affordable, quality dampers that offer a well-tuned compromise between street performance and the kind of driving you’ll be doing at SCCA events (ie: flatout).

KONI also has applications for towing and daily SUV and truck use. With its STR.T-Light Truck Series, KONI can improve the ride and control of your workhorse.

Want to know the difference between KONI’s wide array of colored dampers? For that, KONI has a webpage just for you.

Want to know more about Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack? Like with KONI, SCCA has a webpage tailored to your needs.

Want to know more about the incredible deal waiting for you in June thanks to KONI and Track Night in America? For that, you’ll need to stay tuned....

Photo by Michael Berchak