In the News: Track Night Highlights Affordable Track Time

It’s probably the most asked question in amateur motorsports: How do I get to drive on a racetrack? Luckily, we live in amazing times where the answer to that question is filled with numerous possibilities both within the Sports Car Club of America and elsewhere. Want to get on track? Google it, then select an organization that’s hosting events in your area and go. Only, it’s not that simple, because the second most-asked question in amateur motorsports is likely: How much does it cost? Then comes a wince at the answer. Enter the GearJunkie website, an article entitled “3 Cheap Ways to Drive on a Race Track,” and SCCA’s Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack program.

In the recent article on, a website that covers news and product reviews for those with an active lifestyle, the first answer to the question about the most affordable ways to get on track was – you guessed it – SCCA’s Track Night in America.

As author Danny Korecki stated in his article:

The “cheapest way to play” has to be Track Night in America, a traveling track day series put on by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

For $170 per day for members, you can take your daily driver, weekend weapon, or track toy on a race track. For that price, you might think you’d be treated to some of the worst race tracks around the country, but it is quite the opposite. Track Night in America comes to iconic tracks such as Virginia International Raceway (VIR), Lime Rock Park, and Road Atlanta.

You might even get lucky and find an upcoming event that is trying to fill spots at a discounted rate. Even without a discount, Track Night in America is about the cheapest option you can find from the start.

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