The Necessities: Track Night Launches Safety Gear Store

In conjunction with OG Racing, Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack has launched a Safety Gear Store with the goal of offering everything that a Track Night participant needs. From helmets to gloves and more, these are the necessities for your next Track Night. Furthermore, in keeping with Track Night’s goal of offering affordable access to the track, everything on the store is reasonably priced and is in stock and ready to ship.

“If it’s Monday and your Track Night in America event is on Friday, it’s not too late to order,” explained Justin Barbry, SCCA’s Manager of Track Night in America. “Everything in the Track Night Safety Gear Store is handpicked and in stock, with three- to four-day delivery as standard. Beyond that, items listed on the Track Night Safety Gear Store adhere to Track Night’s technical safety requirements.”

Be it buying a helmet, racing gloves, or a tire pressure gauge, budget was key when developing the Track Night store.

“Putting your car on track can be expensive if you’re not careful, especially for first timers who don’t own a helmet,” Barbry continued. “For around $170, Track Night will get you on track – but you’ll need to own a helmet, which is an additional expense and requires research. The goal of the Track Night Safety Gear Store is to eliminate tedious research while also keeping the cost of those required items to a minimum.”

Simplifying Matters

When you’re new to motorsports, shopping for something as simple as a helmet can become overwhelming, and that’s where the Track Night Safety Gear Store excels. You won’t find $2,000 carbon fiber helmets on this site – what you will find are products that will pass safety inspection at the event, keep you safe, and leave you with enough money in your pocket to enter more Track Nights.

The current listing of helmets on the Track Night Safety Gear Store runs from $239 to $549, with all holding the required Snell SA2020 rating. Those prices will vary depending on which helmets are currently in stock and ready to ship, but the safety rating will always be most current.

“Safety is always first, but key to this entire process is simplicity on a budget, with products shipping within days of purchase,” Barbry said. “We don’t want anyone missing a Track Night event because they didn’t know what to buy, or the product they ordered didn’t ship in time.”

Expect to find a convenient selection of helmets, a handful of racing and work gloves, and driving shoes on the Track Night in America Safety Gear Store. Other essential track items, like tire pressure gauges, racer’s tape, and more, will also be in the store.

Order Now

Along with these products all being in stock and ready to ship, pricing will be rock bottom, making this shopping experience an easy button. Beyond that, a portion of the sales will benefit SCCA, meaning purchases made through the Track Night in America Safety Gear Store will help support the Club that brings motorsports to the masses.

Shop today by clicking the button below, or head to Track Night in America’s website and choose the “Safety Store” selection under the “Store” menu.

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Photo by Philip Royle / Staff

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