Win Awesome Stuff With This TNiA Hashtag

Track Night organizers not only have the keys to the racetracks you want to experience, but their hands are also on the keys to a prize closet chock-full of free stuff. What’s in the prize closet? That, my friends, is top secret, but considering it’s swag donated by close partners of SCCA and Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack, it’s no stretch to say you’ll love it all.

(OK, admittedly, we can’t keep a secret. So don’t tell anyone we told you, but some of the prize closet items include tires from Falken, an E-Z UP from Summit Racing Equipment, batteries and chargers from Braille, a $200 discount coupon from Hawk Performance, and more!)

How do you wind up in the land of free stuff from Track Night’s prize closet? With an awesome story, that’s how! Post your favorite Track Night story and photo on Facebook or Instagram and tag #TNiAYourStory, then on Sept. 1, 2022, we’ll figure out how to search by hashtags, scroll through the submissions and pick the most awesomey-awesome tale of the bunch, and hand that person a golden ticket to the coveted prize closet o’ free stuff.

What’s an awesome Track Night story? From someone “borrowing” their dad’s Ferrari 250 GT to have a blockbuster weekend with friends, to someone else grabbing the keys to the Family Truckster for an epic road trip, we’ve seen it all (or maybe we’ve seen too many movies). Regardless, tell us your tale, post it with a photo, stuff “#TNiAYourStory” somewhere in your Facebook or Instagram post, ensure the post is set for public viewing, and come the end of August, Track Night’s staff will have a truly entertaining day sorting through the madness.

Don’t have an epic, awesome, or blockbuster Track Night story just yet? Register for a Track Night right now, then post the details of your adventure on Facebook or Instagram (#TNiAYourStory) by Aug. 31, 2022 – maybe this awesome free stuff has your name on it!

Photo by Gregory Pfaff

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