2021 Track Night: In the Rearview

SCCA’s extremely popular Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack (TNiA) has wrapped up another fantastic year of #funwithcars at venues across the United States. The SCCA Experiential program first came to fruition in 2015 and has since put more than 55,000 entrants out on course.

Now that the 2021 calendar of events has concluded, we can take a gander at some other interesting numbers. And while a big draw for TNiA is the fact these are non-competitive events, the SCCA is excited to announce one major record was broken this year!

10,794: The 2021 season saw TNiA set a new record for the total number of event entries. The new high-water mark of 10,794 exceeds the 2020 total by more than 3,000 entrants. What does that indicate? It shows that drivers cooped up in 2020 during the pandemic simply couldn’t wait to get back out and play with SCCA!

6,254: That’s the number of unique people who attended TNiA this year. These were all different people, and it’s a jump of around 1,500 folks as compared to 2020 stats. Such a number certainly confirms that more and more people are learning about TNiA and taking advantage of the unique opportunity to get out on a race circuit in their very own automobiles.

Miata No. 1: A wide array of vehicles find their way on track thanks to TNiA. The Mazda Miata/MX-5 was used most in 2021 with 1,146 entries. Just a tick behind with 1,142 entries was the Chevrolet Corvette. For both models, that’s an increase of more than 300 above 2020 usage data. The Ford Mustang was not too far behind in third with 1,110 entries, and Chevrolet’s Camaro was fourth having been deployed 654 times. Rounding out the top five “most used vehicles” is the BMW M3 with 435 entries. And an honorable mention goes to Honda’s Civic/Civic Type R with only three entries short of BMW’s mark.

151: The number of Track Nights held in 2021. That’s an increase of 51 events over last year and again indicates Sports Car Club of America’s emergence from the pandemic.

182: The number of staff and volunteers who helped host 2021 TNiA events. NOTE: That number does not include flaggers, an absolutely essential group who we simply can’t thank enough for their help and dedication. The number 182 is an increase of about 20 over last year’s  “helper” list, which is appropriate seeing that more events where held this year than last. Of course, there’s always room for more help and TNiA’s staffing application is currently open here.

45: The number of states represented by participants during the 2021 TNiA season. That’s an increase of three over last year. The only states not checking in were Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. Alaska and Hawaii get a “pass” since it’s a little tough to drive to TNiA events from those locales. But Montana, Utah and Wyoming -- start thinking about travel plans in 2022 so you can come out and have fun, too.

25: The number of dollars TNiA registrants could’ve saved at each event thanks to various monthly deals from partners such as Hagerty, Valvoline, KONI and Falken. Hopefully, you took advantage of their generous offers. If you missed them, don't worry. They'll be back next year.

24: The number of partners that will give you money back on any purchase made through Tire Rack. Track Night in America participants who opted in were eligible for $25 or more in Tire Rack Performance Rewards when they optimized their vehicle for the track with select products from Tire Rack.

2022: The next calendar year for Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack activities!

Photo by Michael Berchak

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