Say Hello To SCCA Time Trials

We’re going to level with you for just a second – as much fun as everyone has at Track Night in America driven by Tire Rack events, one of the biggest questions we get is “what else can I do with my car?”

We actually don’t mind the question, because we have the answer you’re looking for. Yes, many people will suggest a jump to road racing, but that often involves a new or modified car. And sure, autocross is always a fantastic option for your street car, but many of our Track Night friends were hoping to stay on the track.

So what if there were an event that felt like it was a Track Night in America, had the same physical requirements, and added a competition element?

(Enter SCCA Time Trials stage right)

The SCCA Time Trials program has everything a Track Night participant is looking for. It keeps the enthusiastic fun and comradery that is present at Track Night. There are classes for stock or slightly modified street cars. Like Track Night, it’s a one-team approach that is necessary for everyone to both get a clear, timed lap and have a fun, safe time. And you still get interaction with coaches who can answer questions, offer suggestions, or politely point out an item you or a fellow participant could have done differently.

But in addition to that, it adds a timed element and scoring – unlike Track Night, there is a chance to win! Best laps in a session count in a total score, letting you see how you stack up or how you are improving.

So while you’re tentatively making plans for the 2022 season, we encourage you to step over to and see what all the fuss is about – and soon, see the schedule for the 2022 SCCA Time Trials National Tour powered by Hagerty – and have more fun with your car.  


Photo by Tradd Slayton/Tradd's Photos

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