Grab Track Night September Discount with Falken Tire

The fun isn’t near done in 2021 as Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack closes out the summer with even more opportunities for you and your car to get on race circuits across the U.S. and blow off some steam while having a GREAT time! And so your experience is even better, Falken Tire is chipping in with a discount that makes your trip to the track even easier on your wallet!

Save With Falken’s $25 Entry Discount!

As Track Night in America’s featured partner for September, Falken has a fantastic offer for Track Night participants! You can get $25 off your entry fee of any Track Night event in the month of September with the special, one-time use coupon code FastOnFalken2021. Enter that code at checkout when claiming your spot at any event across the country and keep a few dollars in your pocket.

Registration is open for all Track Night in America events through the end of October. Events can fill up quick, so don’t dally when it comes to registering for your adventure!

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Flying on Falken’s AZENIS RT660

Inspired by enthusiasts and crafted for performance, Falken’s AZENIS RT660 tire is a solid choice for drivers chasing ultimate lap times, or those seeking dependable performance on tracks or at an autocross. Falken’s rigid carcass construction on the AZENIS RT660 enhances steering response and vehicle stability, while the motorsports-inspired tread compound provides unmatched grip for those who prioritize peak performance above all else. The track-ready AZENIS RT660 is also DOT-approved, saving drivers the hassle of swapping tires before each track day or autocross.

An optimized tire profile on the AZENIS RT660 maximizes the contact patch for enhanced grip and unparalleled connection with the road, resulting in predictable performance. The motorsports-inspired tread compound also provides unrivaled, maximum traction in all performance driving conditions. And an added bonus is the fact that the AZENIS RT660’s directional tread pattern provides rotational options to deliver even wear across the tire, as well as extended tread life.

Falken Tires' commitment to high-performance excellence moves the manufacturer to develop products that help you stand out on the track or autocross course. Falken produces high-quality, high-value options for nearly every vehicle on the road today, but the AZENIS RT660 is built specifically for enthusiasts who won't settle for anything less than top-notch performance. Now available in a wider range of fitments than before, Falken invites enthusiasts to experience the noticeable difference of AZENIS RT660 tires.

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SCCA Members Can Save Even More!

Everyone is welcome at Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack events, even those who are not members of the Sports Car Club of America. However, SCCA members do get an additional $10 discount on every Track Night in America entry. And that discount is in ADDITION to other coupons! If you’re already a member of the Club, just enter your active SCCA membership number into your profile at and the discount will be automatically applied!

Not yet an SCCA member? There are a bunch of additional perks that come with joining other than Track Night savings. Quit procrastinating and join SCCA today!

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Photo by Michael Berchak