Summer Savings with Valvoline

June Afternoons with Track Night

It’s June, which means we’re almost at the halfway mark for 2021. The good news? That means only a third of the Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack season is in the rearview mirror, because summer is when it really heats up. Even better are the fine folks at Valvoline who are on board to lower the ($$) friction of getting you out on track at any one event you register for this month. How cool is that?

Reduce Financial Friction with $25 Off!

As Track Night's featured partner this month, Valvoline has a special offer just for you—knock $25 off the price to come play with a one-time use coupon. Just use the code ValvolineTrusted2021 at checkout when reserving your spot and keep some cash in your pocket (for gas perhaps?). It really is that easy.

Registration is open for all Track Night in America events through August. Don’t wait too long to register, though, because a lot of our events sell out quickly!

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Reduce Engine Friction with Valvoline!

You can’t see it, but the inner workings of your engine are packed together tightly. Many parts rotate around at thousands of revolutions per minute to produce the forward movement called upon by your right foot while having fun at Track Night. That’s no small job!

So, why Valvoline? That’s the easy part. Their full synthetic formulas provide the ultimate protection against the four main causes of engine breakdown, with impressive stats when compared to industry standards:

  1. Up to 50% better wear protection from Valvoline’s anti-wear additives.
  2. Up to 10x better protection against heat
  3. Minimizes friction by 48%
  4. 25% better deposit protection

So, before you head out to your next Track Night, make sure you’re on top of your car’s oil needs. Whether you change the oil at home or take it to a shop, the cost of adding some fresh Valvoline provides the best protection for your engine. Sure, there are other engine oils on the market you could try but really, why would you?

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SCCA Members Save Even More

We’ll welcome you at any Track Night in America event, whether you’re an SCCA member or not, but SCCA members do get an additional $10 discount on each and every entry. And, yes, that discount is in addition to other coupons! If you’re already a member, just enter your active SCCA membership number into your profile on and the discount will be automatically applied to every event you enter!

Not an SCCA member yet? There are a ton of perks to joining other than the Track Night savings. What are you waiting for?

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Photo by Tradd Slayton

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