Hagerty is Our Featured Partner for April

April Track Night Discounts Thanks to Our Friends at Hagerty

There has been lots of “stimulus” going around the U.S. in the last year. As the Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack Featured Partner in April, Hagerty has its own stimulus package to get you out on course for some #funwithcars and to enjoy a Track Night in America adventure.

Hagerty $25 Coupon for All in April

Being the featured partner for April, Hagerty is providing everyone with a one-time use code to take $25 off of any Track Night event this month. Just use the code HagertyDriversClub2021 at checkout when reserving your spot online and receive $25 off your entry. That’s all it takes, so register for Track Night today!

Year-Round $25 Track Night Coupon From Hagerty

Can’t make it out to Track Night in America during April? No worries, Hagerty has another way for car enthusiasts to receive a $25 discount on every Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event throughout the year! What you’ll need to do is join the Hagerty Drivers Club, which can be done at only $45 for a year. HDC membership includes a subscription to Hagerty’s award-winning magazine, access to member-only events, exclusive automotive discounts, and much more. One of those discounts is $25 off every Track Night you sign up for! You can’t combine that with Hagerty’s April discount, but you can get another $10 off if you keep reading.


More Support from Hagerty

Hagerty offers HPDE/Track Day Insurance with 30% off any policy covering cars at Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack events. Obtain a quote in 30 seconds and get your policy in only five minutes. But be sure to select “yes” in the Track Night in America dropdown at the Hagerty website. As the Official and Exclusive Insurance Partner for SCCA, Hagerty’s suite of products is available to SCCA members at a 5% discount on annual policies. They insure classic cars, sports cars, race cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, military vehicles, and even some modern vehicles. Click the button below to learn more.


Don’t Forget to Join SCCA to Save Even More

While you don’t have to be a member of the Sports Car Club of America to participate in Track Night, did you know that SCCA members qualify for a $10 discount on each and every Track Night in America entry? And that discount CAN be used in conjunction with other coupons! If you are a member of the club, just enter your active SCCA membership number into your profile on www.TrackNightinAmerica.com, and every event you enter will have the discount applied. No discount code required!

Not an SCCA member? Click the button below to learn more about joining the club and all the fabulous perks and discounts that come with membership!


One Last Thing

Suffering from information overload? Yes, we know. But Hagerty is doing so much to support Sports Car Club of America and Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack that we want everyone to know what this featured partner for the month of April is doing for those who love to have #funwithcars. You can learn a lot more about Hagerty at https://www.hagerty.com. And don’t forget to check the Track Night in America website for April events where you can utilize all these discounts.


Photo by Gregory Pfaff