Weekend Track Night Double Feature at Buttonwillow

If you've been to a Track Night, you know that we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to anything that gets thrown at us. Sometimes that's a car that decides it just can't quite make it back into pit lane on its own and thinks being towed isn't a great plan. Other times, it's torrential rain that seems to know precisely when we want to be on track. And, in this case, it's *gasp* extra track time.

Our friends and partners in crime at SCCA's Time Trial National Tour program had a bit of extra track time on their hands during their upcoming weekend at Buttonwillow, and we jumped at the opportunity to get more Track Nighters on track. The Track Night Team is doing what it knows best and is adding yet another awesome event to the TNIA calendar. 

Join us for a brand new Track Night at Buttonwillow on April 10th. Since it will be held during the day alongside the Time Trials event, there will be a few differences from a typical Track Night. Most excitingly, you'll have four 20-minute sessions on track rather than the usual three. The Drivers Meeting will happen in the morning, and your sessions will be spread out between the Time Trials session. 

But aren't you already having a Track Night on Friday the 9th, you ask? We are! Friday's event will stay the same with no changes there. We've added a whole separate event to the weekend. 

And bonus! If you sign up for both our Friday and Saturday Track Nights, we'll hook you up with $50 savings on your Saturday registration! To snag your savings, sign up for Friday's event, then send an email over to our Guru of All Things Customer Service, Jack Track at Jack@TrackNightinAmerica.com with the email you used to sign up for the event. Jack can get you hooked up with a coupon code to use on your Saturday registration. 

If you've ever been interested in seeing what Time Trials is all about, this will be the perfect event for you. You'll be able to see it all up close and personal without the commitment of signing up for the entire weekend. You can read more about the Time Trials National Tour at Buttonwillow here and get all the sweet deets about the event. 

Hooray for track time, and hooray for savings!