Track Night Partners Up for Savings

It’s important in motorsports, and life in general, to have good partners. Thankfully, Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack has a bunch of fantastic partners that make the 2021 season possible. Even better, our featured partners will have a little something extra for Track Night in America participants in the coming months.

Each featured partner will provide a coupon code that allows people to save $25 on their Track Night entry during a specific month. Plus, these partners will be offering up cool, fun swag — such as T-shirts and hats — at events during their sponsored month. Below is a rundown of these wonderful partners and the month they’ll be backing.

April - Hagerty
May - KONI Shock Absorbers
June - Valvoline
September - Falken Tire

Of course, these companies also supply top-notch products and services that are actually key to getting the most out of your Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack experience. For starters, let’s think about the importance of quality motor oil in your Track Night vehicle. To ensure good results, the best oil change tip is to always follow a vehicle’s owner's manual guidelines for oil change intervals. Don’t push your luck with dirty oil. Valvoline has a motor oil formula perfect for your vehicle’s needs, and a bottle of Valvoline is a lot less expensive than an engine overhaul.

Superior shock absorbers and tires are important, too, if you are going to be out on track. Working in concert, shocks and tires combine to improve a car’s handling. And a car that handles well will greatly improve your Track Night in America experience. KONI has been making shock absorbers used in motorsports for more than 60 years, and won a bunch of championships along the way. Hence, their products are plenty capable of managing your Track Night in America shenanigans. Marry a set of KONIs with Falken Tire products from the AZENIS performance line and you just may find the steering response and vehicle stability of your car is better than you ever imagined on or off the track!

Excellent motor oil, shocks and tires all help give you some peace of mind out on track. And peace of mind is exactly what Hagerty provides Track Night participants through the company’s HPDE/Track Day Insurance policies. Pricing is very reasonable and it’s sure nice to know that Hagerty has your back if your Track Night in America adventure becomes a little too adventurous.

Since these companies have stepped up to support Track Night in America and those participating in that SCCA program, we hope you’d support these companies when thinking about your Track Night in America needs.


Photo by Geoff Bolte/Clarus Studios

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