Here's Your Chance to Save on Track Nights with SCCA & Hagerty

Prepare for Your Track Night Entry Discounts!

Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack is a non-competitive, no-stress, entertaining, easy and inexpensive way to get on track. Have a fun streetcar and want to have a great time behind the wheel, but are you trying to stay on a budget simultaneously? When we say "inexpensive," we mean it. Plus, here are a few ways you can maximize your Track Night dollars. 

Typically, the cost to drive in a Track Night is only around $160. Some special events and tracks are priced slightly higher, and a few are somewhat lower. That's super cheap as is -- but we can help you save even more. 

Membership has Privileges -- Save Up To $35 On Every Event

Discounts, who doesn't like 'em!? If you "dig" SCCA Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack, you likely love cars. And if you like cars, you'll love Hagerty. Join the Hagerty Drivers Club (HDC) and receive $25 off each Track Night entry. Join Sports Car Club of America and get another $10 off each Track Night registration. Combined, you just saved yourself $35 per event. That $35 can get you some pretty solid post-Track Night grub and beverages.

Here's How: 

Hooot! Hooot! … The discount train is leaving the station, and here's how you get aboard. First, join the Hagerty Drivers Club for just $45 and revel in the mountain of membership benefits found at Hagerty's Discount Portal.

Next, make sure you've logged in to your Track Night account and that the info there is up to date. Then log in to your account at, which you set up as part of your HDC membership. Jump directly to Hagerty's SCCA Discount Page and click "Visit Site to Redeem." You'll be redirected to the Track Night website, and your discount will now be automatically linked with your Track Night account.

From there on out while you're an HDC member, sign up for a Track Night and see your special price in your purchase cart. Sign up for more than one Track Night in 2021, you'll be saving money! (NOTE: If for some reason you experience issues, the folks at Hagerty are friendly and willing to help. Just call them at 888-216-2903.)

The discount train makes its second stop at Sports Car Club of America. If you're not already a member of the Club with more than 75 years of history having fun with cars, you really should join. SCCA members save $10 on every single Track Night entry, along with savings on entries into autocross and RallyCross events!

On top of those event savings, SCCA members have access to more than 30 corporate discounts, helping you save on everything from car upgrades to travel expenses. Go here to become an SCCA member, and check out all the additional benefits that come with being part of SCCA.

But Wait, There's More …  

Hagerty's suite of products is available to SCCA members at a 5% discount to protect their investments, including collector cars, motorcycles, race cars, and boats. And don't forget, Hagerty is also the exclusive on-track insurance partner of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack!

Hagerty gives you 30% off any policy you buy to protect your car at a Track Night in America event. There's no limit on the number of events you can do. With Hagerty, you can get the discount every time! Obtain a quote in 30 seconds and get your policy in only five minutes at Be sure to select "yes" in the Track Night in America dropdown.

If all that isn't enough, HDC membership also comes with a year of MotorTrend streaming service, six issues of Hagerty magazine, and access to exclusive automotive events. You simply can't lose by coming aboard! Join SCCA, join Hagerty Drivers Club, sign up for a Track Night or two, and prepare for a wondrous new year of having fun with cars!

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