Track Night 2021 Schedule Coming Soon! And Other Updates!

2021 Track Night in America Schedule

We’re as excited as you are. We’re ready for 2021; more importantly, we’re ready to get back on track for Season Seven of Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack (Season Seven – the one where they have fun with cars, again). 

As much as we’d love to wave our wands and make the schedule appear instantly out of thin air, it doesn’t quite work that way. Tracks work on their own timeline, and we can’t announce dates without their help, and with 150 events to schedule, that can take a bit of time. That’s ok.

We expect to be able to share it in January or early February, which is our typical timeline. Expect the 2021 schedule to look very similar to 2020 (or at least the one we announced), though you just might see a couple of new tracks on that list!

Once we've got it finalized, we'll post it here on the home page, as well as include it in the SCCA-wide Up To Speed weekly Email newsletter, which you can sign up for Here

Website Updates

The event schedule isn't the only thing we're working on in the off-season. You may notice that things in the menu bar have moved around a bit. It’s all in the interest of making things easier to find for people who are new to the site. Everything you’re used to is still there, just with some slightly different organization. Use the “Start Here” drop-down for the basics, and then spread out from there! Over the next few weeks and months, we’re working on improving the content on pages such as “What to Bring” and “What to Expect” – so keep an eye out.

Tire Rack Performance Rewards - Use Yours Now!

Heads up!! After each event, you should receive an email from Tire Rack inviting you to be a part of the Tire Rack Performance Rewards program. If you’re not sure what that is, here is a link to more information on the program for this next year – basically, it's cashback for doing what we love to do: burn through tires, wheels, and brakes, and upgrade our suspension! But if you were involved this year, and you’ve been putting off using those deals, please note that they expire on December 31 – so get shopping!

Track Night Team - Great Response

A couple of weeks back, we sent out a call for those who were wanted to help host and facilitate Track Night events in a variety of ways. We knew this group is never at a shortage of enthusiasm, and we received more than 150 applications! We're busy sorting through all of these and are getting excited about all of the great things we'll get to do with the help of these new Track Night Team Members in 2021.

COVID-19 Update

Worried about the impact of the ongoing pandemic on Track Night again this year? You're not alone. After last spring's rash of cancellations, we're hoping that we don't have to resort to such measures again in 2021. As long as we believe we can put on events that will keep our team members and participants safe, we'll do what we can to make it happen.

Keep in mind, though, that our events are subject to regional regulations, so depending on what things look like in the spring, that may play a role in whether or not we're able to have events too. You have all been so great about staying masked and following our COVID procedures at our events that we're feeling very confident we can continue to put on fantastic, safe events for you in 2021. The best way you can help, beyond that, is to continue to follow the CDC recommendations in your home life, as well, so that we can knock this thing out!

Happy Holidays!

Most importantly, we’re thankful for everyone who participates with us. We truly enjoy putting on these events for you and with you, and we hope that shines through in everything we do. Be safe, enjoy your holiday time safely, no matter what that looks like, and we hope to see you many times in 2021! From our racetrack loving hearts to yours, Happy Holidays!

Robert Joe

I hope for Fontana, they don't lay cones out in the track. Two problems with that. (1) This is not an AX, no need for cones. (2) They always get hit and end up in the middle of the road for the rest of the session.