Falken Offers Black & White Value For On-Track Performance

The rubber meets the Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack road, literally, when it comes to tires.

And our friends at Falken, Track Night’s September featured partner, provide an experience like no other.

When Falken came into the North American market in 1985, they built their brand and developed their performance exactly the way all of us imagine we would, if we built tires – by participating in and winning professional motorsports races and events. With that winning experience, the team at Falken have developed an Ultra High-Performance line of products that is second to none. It also happens to be perfect for anyone at Track Night.

Why perfect Because the newest addition to that line, the AZENIS RT660, was inspired by enthusiasts and crafted for performance. The tire’s rigid construction enhances steering response and vehicle stability, all with a tread compound inspired by motorsports providing unmatched grip. Best of all, the tire is DOT-approved, eliminating the need for a tire trailer for track day tires. 

Did we mention that the Falken AZENIS RT660 comes in more sizes than ever before? Likely, there’s a set to fit your car. And at UTQG Treadwear Grade of 200, they’re eligible for the Sport Category of Time Trials, as well. 

In other words, there’s no reason not to pick up a set for your car. 

But don’t take our word for it – of course, we’re biased. How about Tire Rack’s word as the world’s leader on tires? 

In May, they tested the AZENIS RT660 against the best that the UHP category has to offer. No surprise, the Falken more than matched up, with “very responsive steering” and “great grip in the dry.” In short, Tire Rack called the Falken AZENIS RT660 “an impressive addition to the Extreme Performance Summer category.” 

So remind us again why this isn’t on your car for all of your Track Day excursions? 

Learn more about the AZENIS RT660 from Falken Here.