KONI Improved.

It doesn’t just apply to your car, it applies to you. KONI has been in business for 150 years and has been making shock absorbers for cars since 1932. They’ve got some knowledge.

More than that, however, they’re one of us. They’re car enthusiasts who attend SCCA events regularly. Road Racing? KONI team members enter those events and build their own cars, with their own money. Autocross? Yup – lots of that happening. Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack? Almost every time, especially in the Northeast.

So yes, KONI is more than a featured partner of Track Night in America. They are a part of the very fabric of what more than 40,000 entrants have felt over the five years of Track Night events.

More importantly, the Track Night community and the people who have developed that product are the same people – right down to KONI sales manager Allen Briere.

Based in Connecticut (though most of the KONI team is in Hebron, Kentucky), Briere attends as many Track Night events as he can – as a driver. And he doesn’t go because he works for KONI, he goes because he loves what the event brings.

But yes, his car does ride on KONI shocks.

The program itself speaks to the core customer of KONI,” Briere told SCCA.com. “I could be a desk worker and do my job. But when I go and bring my car, they appreciate that I’m there, that I’m using the products, and that I’m one of them.”

And it’s not for show.

Briere, or any KONI employee, is happy to answer questions on site about the product.

And the number one question is, almost always, what shocks should I get for my car?

The short answer is that, with few exceptions, any KONI shock will give you an improvement over the OEM shock absorber.

And despite the old school reputation, a performance shock from KONI will not ask you to compromise your ride to and from the track.

So what to pick? Therein lies the question.

If you’re a casual participant, who loves running a handful of Track Night events over the year, but needs this car to also be a daily driver, we recommend the KONI STR.T-Street shock (you may hear these called KONI Orange in the paddock). This the entry level performance shock absorber, meaning you can find the model that’s made for your car, install it, and enjoy the performance. It’s non-adjustable and, like all KONI shocks, comes with a lifetime warranty. You’ll notice a significant upgrade from your original equipment shocks when you’re driving on the street or on the track.

Thinking that it’s time to get serious? Looking for something that can take you to that next level on the track or autocross course? That’s when you may want to invest in KONI Sport series, or what you’ll hear called KONI Yellows. These have an adjustable rebound with significant handling improvement while keeping a reasonable ride quality on the streets. This is the direction you should go if you’re lowering your ride height.

Thinking this is your car, with a future chasing time in Time Trials and other events The Sport Series is probably the best option for you.

Best of all, when it comes to KONI, you get that performance at a reasonable price. While it’s hard to put a price tag on shocks without knowing the car, the area you live in, and if you’re installing them yourself or taking it to a shop, know that even a set of KONI Sports will most likely cost less than a good set of performance tires.

So yes, KONI Improved isn’t just a marketing line. It can improve your car and improve your fun. And you can be assured our friends at KONI will actually be right there beside us.


Photo by Geoff Bolte/Clarus Studios