Track Night in America Puts 40,000 Cars on Course

2015 wasn’t that long ago in your brain.

Counterpoint: 2015 was a long time ago.

For evidence, I ask you if you’d still Watch Me (Whip/NeNe)? If you remember Adele saying “Hello”? There were still four more seasons of Game of Thrones to go, and 13 Marvel Universe movies waiting in the wings (we were only up to Avengers: Ultron!).

So yes, 2015 was a long time ago.

But here’s the kicker: If you wanted to put your car on a race track, most likely you were going to be asked to give up at least one, and maybe two, days of your weekend to do it.

That’s right – if you wanted to head to the race track on Tuesday afternoon, pull on your helmet, plunk down $150 (or less), and just run laps, you couldn’t do it. There was no Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack until April of 2015.

Now, just five years later, we’ve reached a milestone. Track Night in America is familiar to many of us, and, as of today, more than 40,000 cars have been on track during the program.

That’s right, the SCCA has helped put more than 40,000 cars onto a racetrack in the easiest way for a driver to participate in motorsports.

That number includes plenty of repeat customers, of course. Still, the fact remains that we, together – from the tracks to the SCCA Regions –  have helped the new folks come together and enjoy this sport.

“From the beginning, the number one goal of the Track Night in America program was to lower the barriers to participate in motorsports,” Heyward Wagner, SCCA’s Senior Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs and the head of Track Night from its start, said. “We’ve made tremendous strides in that. The number of tracks continues to expand. The number of participants that we’ve reached continues to expand. And the number of programs that have grown from this, including the reboot of SCCA’s Time Trials program, continues to expand. This is an important step toward making motorsports more accessible to more people.”

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Linda M Novak

"If you wanted to head to the race track on Tuesday afternoon, pull on your helmet, plunk down $150 (or less) and just run laps, you couldn't do it." 

I think you're forgetting SCCA's PDX (Performance Driving Experience) program, which was run at the regional level. The Chicago and Milwaukee Regions were putting on evening track events with fees less than $150 as far back as the early 2000s.

Linda Novak, Chicago Region