Tire Tips from Our Friends at Tire Rack

When the rubber meets the road, no one knows more about tires than our friends at Tire Rack. That's why the SCCA is so proud to partner with them on so many projects, including Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack.

Did you know that TireRack.com has pages and pages full of reviews, tips, and how-tos that cover a variety of topics ranging from street tires to tires for competition use?  Find their full list Here

One of those tech sessions includes what to look for between sessions when you attend an event like Track Night. Of course, it doesn't specify how long between sessions! Because we have some time on our hands now, it's an excellent opportunity to look at items like your tires and see if you'll need a new set before we get back on track.

Do you have uneven wear or sidewall roll-over? How about tread splice? Haven't heard of that one before?

That's ok! Tire Rack does and can give you some advice on how to slow the wear of your tires and an idea of when they should be replaced.

Click Here for Tire Inspection details. 

And visit Tire Rack for nearly all of your car needs, ranging from tires and wheels to shocks, brakes, lighting, wipers, engine tuning, and more!