What We Love About Track Night

Walk through the paddock at any of our events, and you'll feel it. There's something different about being at a Track Night in America Driven by Tire Rack event, something great. Everyone is there for one thing, to have a great time at the track, and our staff, participants, and spectators all work together to make sure that happens. 

That atmosphere doesn't just happen on its own. It's intentional. It's meaningful. It's what we strive for, and it stems from all of us coming together with one purpose to have #FunWithCars. We're not just here to put cars on track. We are here to foster an amazing experience. And we talk about it. 

What Does Our Team Love About Track Night?

Rio Rios

When I saw a participant get out of their car after their first session. He was so excited he couldn't talk and instead was just hopping and skipping around his BRZ. I gave up trying to speak and let him have his joyous moment.

Mark Andy

I really, REALLY love the community and non-competitive aspect of TNiA. It's so awesome to be at events and frequently see smiling faces and excited people. And it's great being an official with others whose first focus is to enable that.

Steve Strickland

Best part of being a coach or lead? Giving all our participants a round of applause and a big thumbs-up as they come off the track from the last session. They are excited, they are pumped, and they really appreciate the recognition from us for having a fun, fast, safe day on track.

Jason Hobbs

My favorite part of TNIA is the diversity of cars and people. I love the excitement people have as they discover what their cars and themselves are capable of.

Nadja Pollard

I still can't believe I get the privilege to help people fall more in love with motorsports with every turn of the wheel.

Dick Patullo

I have been part of a lot of different SCCA events of all types all across the country over the years but TNiA events stand out as the most satisfying for the participants I have ever seen. I am proud to be a small part of the team that makes that happen.

What about your favorite things? 

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Sarah K.

Looks like it is the perfect place for adrenaline rushers like me:)

Jose C.

Great people highly intent on making sure your experience is memorable and taking steps to ensure your safety and other drivers. 

What an adrenaline rush hitting high speeds legally on a race track and see what your track car is capable of. Nothing like it. Looking forward to the next event!!

Ron Meyer

TNIA was a great idea from whomever thought of it. I love the opportunity to drive my street car (which was designed to go fast) on a track where you can actually go fast without getting in trouble with the law. Now I have to learn to take it a little slower on the way to the event because your are just as pumped up on the trip there and on the trip home!